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Motley Monday

My flowers refusing to say good-bye to summer.

For our Labor Day cookout we had these gems. You can’t find them anywhere else, least I never heard of them until we moved to central New York.  The potatoes are boiled with a cup of salt added to the water, which comes with the potatoes. I don’t use all of the salt. Can I say…not healthy? Salt Potatoes 2

I try to use all leftovers. These made great fried potatoes.salt potatoes


My heart melts EVERY.TIME. I see this picture of Justin and his beautiful wife Melissa. They are loving life in Wyoming. Who wouldn’t? We miss them so much, but with these smiles we know they are where God wants them and they are happy. That’s what I want for the four beautiful children God has gifted us with…to follow and love Him and to be happy and joyful in whatever they are doing. Justin and melissa


Summer Lovin’

No, this post isn’t about my summer love life. That’s for another post. 

The summer of 2014 has been calming and tranquil. With Lauren gone to two separate camps and vacation thrown in the mix for all of us I have had plenty of time these summer months to sit across the table or chair from some of my favorite sipping coffee or having lunch or walking at the park I love.

I have attended three weddings, two of which Rob officiated and one where we just sat back and enjoyed the view on a hot summer afternoon at our church camp. One more wedding to cap off the end of summer on Labor Day which will make four young couples from our church tying the knot this summer.

If I could impart any wisdom to the newly married, the encouragement would be to love God by keeping Jesus Christ as the primary lover of your soul. Do not place your spouse on a pedestal or at the center of your life. Keep your relationship with Jesus front and center and look to him for everything you need. Additionally, to love your neighbor with our spouse being our closed neighbor.

I have also spent the long hazy days of summer reading. I love to make lists and I love to make them in Moleskin. This particular list is my summer reading where I wrote down books I wanted to read, recommendations I found and authors I wanted to check out. I am loving the public library and their online catalog where I can find the book and put it on hold. I haven’t purchased many books in the last year except for a counseling class I am taking.

unnamed (3)Those check marked or crossed off have been read or tossed in the trash taken back to the library. A couple of authors were so vulgar and graphic. #10 is a perfect example. One I could not put down was Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers. She writes the best fiction with some of her family history woven throughout several of her books. I also enjoy Ted Dekker for fiction. Jeremiah Burroughs is a very long time ago author who wrote  The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment.  I highly recommend this book on contentment. I will be adding the rest of what I read this summer to the tab under Reading List.

Summer lovin’ is almost over, but my favorite season, fall is approaching hoping it is long, making our winter shorter.

Hey a girl can dream.


Summer Sloth

Isn’t this little guy cute?






Looking up the defintion of sloth I found slothfulness isn’t so cute =habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness; shiftlessness, idleness, slackness.( In a word lazy.

With the summer comes a much less structured schedule and the temptation to be lazy. Isn’t that what summer is for? The lazy, hazy days of summer? Staying up later, sleeping in a little later than usual. Although this summer I am finding sleeping in late isn’t happening and Lauren hasn’t been home for two weeks, so my schedule has been even more open. And with an ‘open’ schedule comes the freedom to do farmers markets, lunch and coffee with friends, more reading and writing and vacation. My schedule does slow down this time of year, but I don’t want my time in God’s Word to take a vacation. I have to be intentional in my reading, studying, and meditating on the food for my soul. I don’t take a vacation from eating in the summer so why would I take a break from eating the Food that satisfies like no other?

Being intentional = on purpose. I intentionally spend time in God’s Word presently

  • reading through the Old Testament, in Nehemiah right now
  • Reading a daily devotional by Nancy Leigh Demoss
  • listening to the Bible on my iphone when I go to bed or when I’m walking

So many ways to get God’s Word into my life. 

How are you being intentional this summer? How do you fight against the sloth of summer?

Found this article by Al Mohler on loving God’s Word.

Devouring the Word

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