I haven’t used this space over the past seven years(blogging since 2008) to talk about a very important part of married life. I hesitate to talk about marriage, because I know I haven’t arrived and who am I to give any advice or even write on  the topic? There are so many resources for marriage, from books, conferences and radio programs. Will my few sentences make a difference? All questions I’ve pondered for a very long time.

As the wife of a pastor who has taken care of the flock of four churches, I have seen the demise of way too many marriages. I ‘ve seen many struggle with trying to stay married. In the hushed whispers of privileged conversations, I’ve heard gut wrenching sobs of ruined lives because of a marriage that could not stay the course.

It is with those things in mind that I wade into the water of sex in marriage. I recently was accepted to help launch this book, 25 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask about Love, Sex and Intimacy. I also helped launch Pulling Back the Shades earlier this year. Both of these books are written by Dr. Juli Slattery who is with Authentic Intimacy. Now, mom, if you’re reading, don’t blush! But this is such an important aspect of marriage I cannot be quiet anymore. I have not read this book yet, but trust Dr. Juli and her team  and Moody publishers, enough to know what she writes is God centered and based on the Word of God. You can head over to the web site to read the first chapter and some of the questions posed and answered. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or friend me on Facebook where I will be spreading the news about this book in the coming weeks. It hasn’t been released yet, but it will be one you will want to add to your library!

How would I answer questions about this important subject? You will have to stay tuned for more thoughts on the subject of sex between a husband and wife. It was God’s idea in the first place,(Genesis 4:1) so I’m guessing it’s ok to talk about. No worries, I will be tasteful. (Genesis 2:25)

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