This post was originally written almost two years ago, but my coffee chair has found a new home and is waiting for you to come visit.

During a summer trip to the Salvation Army story I spotted this chair. Old, tattered and tossed aside because it was no longer needed. What a great project to wrap up summer, but I left it there.

Two weeks later I was still thinking about how fun it would be to make something old, new again. Hoping it might still be there, I ran in one day to check…and there it sat, calling my name…

Jody take me home, make me new and useful again

…and I did. I spent a bright sunny day taking off the old upholstery, finding the stuffing was made from some kind of weed that had turned black. Finishing up, I brought the naked chair in the house where it sat in our dining room for days weeks, which turned to a couple of months as I lost my ambition to finish. I knew what kind of material I wanted to use to finish, but my enthusiasm had waned…until this past Monday.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1)It has been 30+ years that I learned how to re-upholster a chair. I was taught by a great Home Economics teacher who could be heard saying to me on more than one occasion…

yes, Jody, you have to cut and sew straight.

So don’t look too close. Stop by anytime and visit my mom cave for coffee while you sit in a coffee chair which has a new lease on life.

Is there someone you know who feels like the chair left behind at the Salvation Army? Yes, I know, chairs don’t have feelings, but some much needed attention is giving it new life and purpose in my mom cave. Can I suggest there is someone you should invite for coffee? The single mother who needs a break from raising her young kids on her own? The 90 year old widow who is alone most of the time? The middle aged empty nester finding herself in a deep hole of depression?

And may I suggest we look beyond the obvious friends we would say let’s have coffee and look to the fringes of where we live, work and do life? The worn out chair which was overlooked but got another opportunity to be a part of another home. The chair that needed a face lift and a caring touch to make it adorable and presentable to the world. The chair that is now at the center of my mom cave waiting to be talked about and used.

Yep, the analogy falls short…but I think you get my point.

Today…let’s make that call, send that note, approach the person who desperately needs someone to say…let’s have coffee.

Updated post~~January 2015

When Kelsey was home for Christmas, she suggested I move my office, i.e. mom cave, to an upstairs empty bedroom. I thought it was a great idea since there isn’t much light in the basement, natural light that is. And winter in central New York can be pretty dark because the sun doesn’t shine much. So we moved everything, including my favorite coffee chair. It’s all ready for you to join me for a cup of anything. The Keurig is ready to go. And for my out of town family and friends who stay with us when you visit…well your room is now in the basement where I’ve renamed it my Iowa room.

Kelsey did a great job re-decorating!!!