I’ve been spending a lot of time here this winter. 

Over the years I have collected “stuff” from my farm home and my grandparents barn. It has been displayed in various places throughout our home, but now I have a place to put it all together a mom cave.’ Does need some color, maybe a rug and pillows. Still workin’ on it.

This is a basement room that used to be a bedroom. We no longer need the BR space, so guess who moved in?! It is a large room, this shows about half the entire room. Still room for a bed and dresser…maybe even a frig and stove. haha

My Grandpa Lynk and his brothers founded a seed corn company in central Iowa when I was a litle girl. You know the company is old because the corn was kept in burlap bags. The wood framing is from a red corn crib that stood on our farm.

Looks like this picture could have been taken on our Iowa farm, but it was torn down a long time ago. This gives you an idea what a corn crib is. Ears of corn were stored on both sides in what looked like a crib.

 This shelf is made from the same corn crib wood. The picture in the green frame is of our family farm, the feather is from Justin’s first turkey and the picture is of me laying on my mom’s couch holding Justin when he was 6 weeks old.

This heart is one of Justin’s first woodworking projects. Rob added the picture just recently because this hangs inside the barbed wire someone sent to my dad’s funeral. Yes, barbed wire. I know it will sound strange to most of you, but my dad was a farmer who spent a lot of time putting up barbed wire fence to keep his cows in the pasture where they belonged.

Old farm table I bought in Indiana, waiting to be used. It sits on the other end of the room.

My first DIY project. This is a window frame found in the barn where my grandparents used to live. Probably came from their old farm house. I strung wire between the panes and will hang pictures with clothespins from the wire. This idea is not original with me.

No mom cave is complete without a coffee pot…an old coffee pot. This one was a gift but I do have a blue one from my mom’s storeroom.