June 3, 2015~~I like to take a gander at last year’s posts. Kind of like looking back in journals. Where have I been? What was I doing? Have I grown up? This post was written a year ago. As I was looking through posts this morning, I thought, who wrote this and who did I quote? I guess I can have a few original thoughts several times a year. Because of recent events, this post rings so true. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend pastor’s wife. I currently do not work outside the home, but I work. All these labels do not tell you who I am. Those labels tell you what I do. The many hats I wear. 

The older I get the more nomadic I want to live. What’s a nomad? 

Nomad= a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place, any wanderer; itinerant.

Not riding a camel moving from one oasis to the next, but living as one whose permanent home is not this world. Which is hard to do living in a culture which prizes houses, cars in the garage and 2.5 children wearing name brand clothing. I do own two cars, live in a beautiful home and four children who call me mom, but I don’t want any of those things to define me or hold me to this world. 

I want to be known as a wanderer following the dusty path with the One Who has called me to leave father, mother, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters to love Him above all others while not minimizing the ones He has given me to love. (Matthew 10:37-39)

Yes, it may seem radical to not want to own much or walk through this world loving God and my neighbor supremely, but the culture is changing so much and so fast my heart can no longer be lukewarm but hot. (Revelation 3;16) It is by faith I say everyday heaven is my home, so I will lay up treasure there rather than here, living as a nomad.