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What to do with PP videos


I was twenty-four, newly married, no kids, finding myself face to face with a girl, close to my age, unmarried, in college and pregnant. Volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center I found myself speechless about what to say to her.

I don’t remember my exact words, but I recall the pleading of my heart to this scared woman who did not want to be a mother at 20. With the results of her pregnancy test in hand she left without being convinced that keeping her baby would be her best choice. I never knew what her final decision was, but prayed she did not have an abortion.

As the videos continue to appear on my Facebook news feed I have been at a loss about what I can do. I’ve read blog posts, followed some of the political wranglings on capitol hill of the defunding of Planned Parenthood and watched some of the videos. I cannot look the other way.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”
? William Wilberforce

What can I do sitting in the beautiful sunny weather of central New York where I enjoy the abundance of God’s blessings? With the gifts God has given me I can

  1. Pray~~To some that may seem so cliché’, so easy to do in the comfort of my recliner. But God calls us to pray without ceasing. God knows, He hears, and He sees. He does hear my prayers for those being led away to death. Proverbs 24:11
  2. Give~~contribute financially to our local crisis pregnancy center, New Hope Family Services who walk the journey with every woman they come in contact with.
  3. Counsel~~My heart bleeds for the woman who has had an abortion. She needs the compassionate, unswerving love of a heavenly Father, and I can tell her about Him. With the training I have received in biblical counseling and God’s Word in my heart and mind, I can point the way to Someone who will love all the way to the cross.
  4. Write~~This blog may not be far reaching, but I can write about what God is pushing me to write about. This post has been in draft form for a few weeks because I want to be more thoughtful and un-hurried about what I believe God wants me to post.

What to Do About Planned Parenthood– Russell Moore on PP

The investigative videos can be found here.

And interesting and timely article comparing the abolition of slavery and abortion can be found here. 

May we all go to our heavenly Father and ask Him how we can not just love the least of these, but love and protect human lives. All lives matter, all lives have been made in the image of God. May we all love our neighbor, whomever God may bring across our path.


A Big Fat F

She sat on the end of the bench most games collecting splinters. Most games I joined her as we watched the first string girls basketball team play. We rode the bench together our junior year and had the best time that winter. We were the best of friends in high school.

Going our separate ways after high school graduation, she to a big university, me to Bible college. We had dinner the summer after college graduation. Over pizza, she told me the high school rumors were true. I panicked and fled….

and did not love.

Over 25+ years I gave her much thought, wondering how she was and what she was doing. I went on my merry way, raising a family, ministering along side my husband, but not forgetting her…and remembering I had

failed to love.

She and I met up not long ago, her first question was

Why did you leave?

I was speechless, but found my words to say

how sorry I was

would you forgive me?

could we start over?

Over enchiladas and tacos we began again. I tried to say we could be friends, good friends in fact, all the while not condoning or approving of the way she had chosen to live her life. We hugged, I went back to my merry life, she to her lonely life.

Wanting to see me more than I was willing to give…

…I failed again to love

I don’t live with many regrets. But there is one…this one…failing to love someone who is not like me.

Looking for verses that would highlight this post I found What Does the Bible Say About Love?

I haven’t just failed, I’m giving myself a Big FAT F!

…praying God will bring us together again.



Friendship Survey

I took a Friendship survey yesterday. Since I have a hard time remembering sometimes how I answer questions I need to put my answers in a place I can find them, which is here, which means you will be reading this post, but it is more for me to look back on.

Yes, a journal would work, but then I have to dig through them. Friendship is very important to me, I love my friends and God has blessed me with many women who consider me their friend.

I have written on the subject, but forgot what category I put it under. See…I’m forgetful. Guess it’s time to make a friendship category. Here are my answers…you may be surprised by some of my answers and if you want clarification on why I answered the way I did I would love to chat with you about…friendship. I wrote my answers rather quickly…it was late,there were still some late night chores to do, and I wanted to finish before bed, so I just answered the questions like taking a test.

  1. What does a close friendship look like? A close friendship is two people who are interested in each other’s lives. it is two-sided.
  2. What are the main characteristics of a healthy friendship? Honesty, integrity, and transparency are very important characteristics of a healthy friendship. I can be “me” and not worry if my hair is all over the place, my makeup is still in the bag, or if the bathroom is clean if they come to the door un-announced. 
  3. How many close friends do you have? God has blessed me with many close friends. Narrowing it down though to 4-5like Jesus, he had an inner circle of three.
  4. How many friends can you depend on to ‘speak truth into your life’? I can depend on 2-3 to speak truth into my life
  5. What elements lead to a broken friendship? Lack of communication, one-sided communication, gossip, lying, gossip, not making time to spend time with each other, gossip.
  6. How important are your friendships? Many years ago girlfriends had taken the place of the Lord in my life. Friendship had become an idol and God in His infinite wisdom and care for me removed everyone I was close to by moving us away from family and friends. People had a hold on my heart, I had put people where Jesus was supposed to be, at the center of my life. I love people and having friends, but they are no longer first in my life. 
  7. Do you struggle with loneliness? Yes, I have struggled with loneliness most of my adult life, not as much though in the past couple of years.

Is friendship important to you? How would you answer these questions? You can head over to Kimberly Wagner where she is discussing the topics of friendship and loneliness.

Would love to chat with you my friends on any topic!! Happy Thursday.

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