I want to stage a boycott and protest Mother’s Day. I think we should re-name the second Sunday in May  to Women’s Day.

Oooooohhhh, did I just say that out loud? Well, I didn’t say it, I wrote it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a mother, I love my mom and the moms I know, are some of the hardest working women I am pleased to call friends. In reading from Wikipedia about Mother’s Day, it was never meant to be as commercialized as it has become. Expectations are usually high…and not always met. This week I’ve thought about the upcoming celebration more than I usual. I”m not sure why, but for some it’s the hardest day of the year.

So in addition to saluting my mom, my sisters and the four humans who call me Mom…you are tattooed on my heart.

I want to love on women

  • Who want to be moms, but for reasons I am not privy to, they are not.
  • Who are single and raising their kids by themselves, again many reasons, but it still makes it hard.
  • Who are not married yet and so desperately want to be and their hearts yearn for babies.
  • Whose children today are breaking their hearts..they call you mom…but they don’t call.
  • Who have had abortions, and this day reminds them of a child that is not…there is forgiveness and healing at the foot of the cross…Jesus heals the broken-hearted.
  • Whose moms don’t remember their children because of disease

For many, Mother’s Day is glorious, a day of not cooking, laying on the couch and controlling the remote for the day. But for many, it is a hard day, and I for one want to remember all the women this Sunday, the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day and…..

Happy Women’s Day!!!!