This isn’t Mother’s Day post, but does gives you a glimpse of my mother’s heart. This was written two years ago.

It’s a dark and stormy night and I can’t sleep. I’m not afraid of the dark or the storm passing through but one of my babies is in the ER in Albany in pain and I can’t be with her. God-willing by the time you all wake up and read this post, the pain will have subsided and Hannah will be resting comfortably…doesn’t help that my sweet hubby is out of town for a few days, so Lauren and I are holding down the fort.

And I thought I had the ‘these kids are yours Lord’ mantra down pat, praying for them everyday, talking and texting throughout the week, in my mind’s eye laying them at the foot of the cross…

…then a phone call comes and mother worry sets in. So I turn on my music to Fernando Ortega and listen to him sing about my Good Shepherd.

I need a Shepherd, especially in the dark.

My dreams of being a wife and mother have come to pass because of my Shepherd leading me in green pastures, adding blessing upon blessing everyday. But I’m not always a good follower, wanting to control the lives of all those around me rather than letting the Shepherd take the lead and let me rest.

As a mother of toddlers, teens and young adults I tried to control more than pray. I want/wanted to lead them in the path they should go rather than allowing God to work in their lives and follow His Good plan…I’m their mother, don’t I now better? Along the way God has used four beautiful children and their father as instruments of grace in MY life to turn me to HIM and let HIM do the shepherding in their lives.

Mom and Holy Spirit are not synonymous.

So, as I wait into the night for a phone call from the capital of New York, may our Great God be your Shepherd, your peace and may we all allow the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of those we love so much.

God is great and God is good.