Father’s Day is approaching…

My fourth Father’s Day that will pass without my dad. I keep thinking it will get easier or I will miss him less…not so.

Over the past 3 1/2 years I have had plenty of time to think about the man of God he was.

It is true that actions speak louder┬áthan words. He did not tell me to love my neighbor as myself, or care for the elderly or give a ride to hitchhiker(which I ‘ve never done, he has). He did not tell me to work in a soup kitchen or reach out to a lonely, straying teenager. He followed what he believed the Lord was calling him to do and just did it without fanfare or giving it a second thought.

Mankind, He has told you what is good and what it is the Lord requires of you:

to act justly

to love faithfulness,

and to walk humbly with your God

Micah 6:8

Following in his footsteps because he walked humbly with his God.


A father’s holy life is a rich legacy for his sons(or daughters).

–Charles Spurgeon