She sat on the end of the bench most games collecting splinters. Most games I joined her as we watched the first string girls basketball team play. We rode the bench together our junior year and had the best time that winter. We were the best of friends in high school.

Going our separate ways after high school graduation, she to a big university, me to Bible college. We had dinner the summer after college graduation. Over pizza, she told me the high school rumors were true. I panicked and fled….

and did not love.

Over 25+ years I gave her much thought, wondering how she was and what she was doing. I went on my merry way, raising a family, ministering along side my husband, but not forgetting her…and remembering I had

failed to love.

She and I met up not long ago, her first question was

Why did you leave?

I was speechless, but found my words to say

how sorry I was

would you forgive me?

could we start over?

Over enchiladas and tacos we began again. I tried to say we could be friends, good friends in fact, all the while not condoning or approving of the way she had chosen to live her life. We hugged, I went back to my merry life, she to her lonely life.

Wanting to see me more than I was willing to give…

…I failed again to love

I don’t live with many regrets. But there is one…this one…failing to love someone who is not like me.

Looking for verses that would highlight this post I found What Does the Bible Say About Love?

I haven’t just failed, I’m giving myself a Big FAT F!

…praying God will bring us together again.