Well, my faithful reading friends, I hate to make my first 2016 appearance about this post, but it is timely in that 8 eight years today  my Dad died. The ripped edges of my heart have healed into a dad sized scar and I miss him. The tears have subsided but that will never minimize the fact I miss him, but so many precious memories remain. 

Happy Tuesday and hopes for a brighter post in the coming days…I promise!

I’m not sure where to even begin this post because it is about funerals and death. Because this post that has been ruminating for a long time, I may ramble. But you will follow along in my rambles won’t you??!!!

In the line of work I am in along with my pastor/husband, I see death far too often. Since early December we have had three people from our Church pass into eternity.  Shortly after the very sudden and shock filled death of a 60 year old man in mid-January, I asked my resident “theologian”(my pastor/husband) why every.single. time. I am shocked when I hear of death. He simply said death is our very last enemy. I also think of the world I live in, which includes the recent killing of Christians by ISIS. Death should not come as a surprise but it does. It has reminded me to live for today, to take in each moment and yes, make the most of the day.

Death usually leads to funerals where the loved one that has passed away is remembered. A practice done in our Church by our pastors is the opening up to the group  a time of remembrance where anyone can speak about the person that has passed away, any words of encouragement to the family or a memory to be shared. I find this time a highlight of a funeral, if there is a highlight, because you hear how the person lived, how much they were loved and how they lived their life.

The question eating at my heart is why do we wait until someone has died to say out loud what they meant to us? Why do we not love wildly, throwing caution to the wind letting that person know how they have inspired us? Why do we wait until they can’t hear it to say it? Maybe I’m making assumptions here and I have asked these questions over the past few months. Do those who mean the most to me know how I love them? Have I told them how they have inspired me? Do I live today like I may not have tomorrow? (Matthew 6:34)

When I go home to be with Jesus, I want it to be said of me I loved God, family and my neighbor. Not because I said I wanted to live that way but because those I loved so much knew it because I told them in word and actions. And may they say she loved God with all her heart, mind and soul which was displayed to not just those she loved the most on this earth, but to anyone who came across her path. A simple smile, a small gesture, a hi, how are you? will change a stranger’s day.I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds my tomorrows how ever many they will be. Today, I am choosing to live life joyfully and finding who I can love lavishly!!