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Cancer or Not…A Must Read

I purchased Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo a month ago, receiving it on a Wednesday afternoon, finishing it that evening. Two reasons I read it so fast, I know and love the author Elaine who is battling cancer, and as a pastor’s wife, I am walking with many in our Church community suffering from cancer. I have read several books this year on suffering and was curious what more could be said on the subject. I was not disappointed. Whether walking the road of cancer or not, this book is an encouragement for anyone who wants to better follow and love the Lord. Elaine does not write from an ivory tower, but from her own experience of living with leukemia.
The overarching theme of this book is to ‘seek God no matter what.’ Elaine encourages throughout to not ask God why but to seek God. “Don’t seek him for answers. Seek his presence.” How do we seek God’s presence in the midst of a cancer diagnosis? Or after cancer surgery? Or in the middle of many rounds of chemo or radiation? She poses the question of “how do we remove the trauma of cancer in our bodies and our minds?” I was thrilled with her answer as she turns to the Word of God for everything she needs for life and godliness. Her answer…”dwell in the Word of God. Don’t just read the Bible…dwell there.”
This book is a great read full of help and encouragement for those who have cancer. You will want to read this book if just for chapter 14 where Elaine explains the blessing of cancer and the things she does practically at cancer centers. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to read about a woman who loves God heart, mind and soul and her neighbor as well, all the while living a full life in the midst of cancer.

The Best $.99 Spent

Over a year ago I saw an ad for a new book being released in 2014, The Measure of Success:Uncovering the Biblical Perspective on Women, Work and the Home by Carolyn McCulley with Nora Shanks. My initial reaction to another book about women for women written by women was

“O great, another book for women about women and work written by women. 

I confess I was judging a book by its cover and the title. I’ve read many books about women, should they work outside the home? should they stay home? the questions for women today about work usually boil down to those two questions. Having made my choice twenty-eight years ago I wasn’t inclined to read another book on the topic. 

The book was released earlier this year and a few weeks ago there was a one day sale on the e-book version. I opened my purse reasoning I could spare the $0.99. Little did I know it would the best less than a dollar I’ve spent this year. My first assumptions on this book were proven wrong in the first few pages.

McCulley is single and a proud aunt. Her friend Nora who wrote with her works as a health consultant and is married with two children. This book is written from two different perspectives which I found to be the best part of this book. Their stories are intertwined throughout. This quote early in the book sealed the deal in me finishing it.

Women should work and work hard everyday to the glory of God in the home and in the marketplace.

Their reason for writing a book on work and success

To help women in all stages of life think clearly about the God-given gifts and opportunities they have, and how to invest those individual and specific situations in light of eternity.

As I write this review, I think of my mom, who was wife and mother all her life. She was a farmer’s wife, working in the garden, canning all summer, taking care of three girls and investing her life in her family. To this day she works very hard.

The Measure of Success is divided into three sections

  • The story of work which I found fascinating. The authors trace the story of work through its history and culture.
  • The theology of work. Who knew work and theology go hand in hand?
  • The life cycle of work, helping the reader to apply all work principles to all seasons and stages of a woman’s life.

Something I’ve encouraged women over the years is thoroughly explained in this book. The fact women are made in the image of God, finding our identity in Jesus Christ saved for all eternity. Our roles as daughter, sister, wife, mother and employee will change but our identity in Christ will never change. Labels should not define us.

The idea the “home moved from being a place of productivity to a place of consumption” was eye-opening. I agree with the authors our homes should be a place where family and friends are well-taken care, where good food is shared and a place for our tired families to find rest. I was encouraged in the theology of work, learning God’s purpose for work, why I need rest from working along with the topic of ambition and following Christ as a woman. Ambition is a good trait if used correctly in the light of working for God’s purposes. God designed us all to work and work with a purpose.

I was thrilled to learn a new name for the empty nest. Yes, children leave and the nest empties, but the nest is now open for the mother to be available to many more opportunities to work and minister. Life does not end when full-time mothering ceases. Looking forward to an open nest.

The last section gives practical help and examples on how to launch a young woman into a successful working adult. Interwoven throughout the book are biblical examples of women who work including Lydia, the purple seller and the Proverbs 31 woman.

Thank you to Carolyn and Nora to a well-written, thought-provoking book which I highly recommend. It will be the last time I judge a book by its cover.



Fierce Women Book Review

A beautiful Friday, sunny with fluffy clouds dotting the sky. Heading to the deck this weekend to read this book again. Have any of read it? I would love to hear what you think of it. Happy Friday.

Reading Fierce Women twice in the span of two weeks has got to be a first. I felt like the author was sitting on my deck, coffee cup in hand encouraging me to be a soft warrior and not an aggressive fierce woman. As the author says “Fierceness can become an asset or a detriment in marriage. She admits fierceness became a source of conflict in her marriage.”

As I began reading, not able to put the book down I realized I had been not been the soft warrior addressed so well in this book. Kimberly weaves her own story through the pages with transparency and authenticity writing it because of the destruction taking place in her own marriage. “Lord, change him,” was her prayer. She didn’t realize that ingratitude, pride and fear were leading her down a “lonely, cruel path.”

Fierceness is

“grabbing onto the hem of God’s will, not letting go; not ugly, raw aggression.”

God’s glory is the purpose of marriage and Kimberly has given women a tool to pursue that purpose. With honesty and humility her story is told as God brings her to her knees in a cabin in the woods.

I appreciated her chapter on There’s No One Else Like My Man! Stating emphatically that men and women are different, which is a good thing. The line has been blurred in our culture today and she explains well how that came to be and how we as women of God can encourage our men to be MEN. I also enjoyed the chapter What’s The Big Deal About Marriage Anyway? Explaining God’s intention for marriage.

Kimberly does comment several times in the book that bad marriages don’t just happen, nor are they the fault of just the wife. This book written to women is Christ-centered and full of the Word of God, the only place where answers to all of life can be found. Honesty and humility are the foundation of getting back onto the path of glorifying God in your marriage along with the Word of God lighting our path.

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