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Cancer or Not…A Must Read

I purchased Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo a month ago, receiving it on a Wednesday afternoon, finishing it that evening. Two reasons I read it so fast, I know and love the author Elaine who is battling cancer, and as a pastor’s wife, I am walking with many in our Church community suffering from cancer. I have read several books this year on suffering and was curious what more could be said on the subject. I was not disappointed. Whether walking the road of cancer or not, this book is an encouragement for anyone who wants to better follow and love the Lord. Elaine does not write from an ivory tower, but from her own experience of living with leukemia.
The overarching theme of this book is to ‘seek God no matter what.’ Elaine encourages throughout to not ask God why but to seek God. “Don’t seek him for answers. Seek his presence.” How do we seek God’s presence in the midst of a cancer diagnosis? Or after cancer surgery? Or in the middle of many rounds of chemo or radiation? She poses the question of “how do we remove the trauma of cancer in our bodies and our minds?” I was thrilled with her answer as she turns to the Word of God for everything she needs for life and godliness. Her answer…”dwell in the Word of God. Don’t just read the Bible…dwell there.”
This book is a great read full of help and encouragement for those who have cancer. You will want to read this book if just for chapter 14 where Elaine explains the blessing of cancer and the things she does practically at cancer centers. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to read about a woman who loves God heart, mind and soul and her neighbor as well, all the while living a full life in the midst of cancer.

Welcome to J~lynne

2018~~This post was written three years ago. Going through older posts I am re-inspired by this dream. And fun to read again. 
If I had a plot of land and the financial resources to do with it whatever I please I would welcome everyone with open hearts and a full cup of coffee into J~lynne, my coffee house. A warm, inviting cafe bustling with anyone who needs to not be rushed by the worries of this world. A place where fresh roasted coffee would be on the menu along with morning fresh banana muffins or  cinnamon chip scones,  tried and true recipes I’ve already been collecting for this venture. My favorite guests would enjoy long, unhurried conversations with family or friends or a private table where you can bring your computer, hook it up to free wi-fi to write about your own dreams or start that book you’ve always said you were going to write.
I don’t envision this bistro built in the hustle and bustle of a big city. I would build it in a small town where I would get to know your name as you walked through the door of Jlynne on a regular basis. I would make it my goal to find the best coffee from a source that helped the farmer make a good living and he was free to do business as well.  It would be a welcoming place for teens, college students who needed to write a research paper…they still do those right? I would love to see women from every walk of life walk through my doors to have a few quiet moments with a jolt of caffeine before they head back to the world of family and jobs. The male population would include farmers talking over the latest prices of corn and soybeans, or how to get the farm work done in the dead of winter. I can see my daughters decorating it with the latest vintage and my mom and mother-in-law behind the counter pouring you your coffee. I have a sister who loves numbers so she would make sure I didn’t go in the hole and another sister who would be my head baker.
Awww..what a dream. A girl can dream right? Who knows, someday I maybe looking for property to open J~lynne!


Promoting the Message

2015~~~I can’t believe it has been a year since my book was published. Is it really that time of year again? With Thanksgiving 2015 in the history books and Christmas Day 24 days away, the Gates Family is already celebrating the best time of year. The nativity and Christmas tree went up on Thanksgiving Day and dare I say we began Christmas music a little earlier this year? Maybe before Thanksgiving?!!! 

The following was written a year ago. Just a reminder how I feel about promoting something I’ve done, and that Confessions of a Farmer’s Daughter is still available for purchase. It would make a great gift for stocking stuffer. 

Happy December 1!!!!!

I thought writing a book was hard work and it is. I then thought editing and formatting was the hardest thing in publishing. And it is!!  There’s a very good reason people are professional editors. But even harder than all that is the marketing and promotion of a book I’ve worked on for six years. A message I believe in 100%. But promoting my book feels like I’m saying to the world

Hey, look at me, now buy my book.

And that is not me at all. Even writing these sentences brings a bit of discomfort because I’m trying to tell you I’m a humble person and not ‘pompous and self-centered’, as I write about promotion.

I am relieved to find promotion is shed in a positive light as I looked up the definition before beginning this post.

According to promote means

to help or encourage to exist or flourish, to promote world peace; education, to put ahead to the next higher stage or grade of course; to encourage the sales, acceptance, etc. of a product especially through advertising or other publicity.

I like the word encourage!!!
 If you have read my book, I would love to have you write a review and post it on Amazon. On the page where you buy the book is a place you can write a review.  I did receive the highest compliment this week from my daughter Kelsey. In my opinion it is the highest compliment an author can receive. Am I an author? I don’t know if I can call myself that yet. What is the definition of author?
Anyway, Kelsey sent me a text this past week saying
I think you are a fabulous writer and really pull the reader in with the way you explain everything and just create a picture with your words.
She makes me blush!
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