Several years ago I was introduced to the company Elegantees. I placed my first order and have not looked back as it is my favorite company for fashion with a purpose.

  • The main reason I love this company is they employ women and some men who have been rescued from human trafficking in India and Nepal. The sewing center is in Nepal. “With this job the chances of victums being trafficked again are slim to none.” They are working diligently to employ more and open more sewing centers.
  • I still have my very first purchase and I still wear it after three years. Can you say that about the tees you’ve bought recently? Do they still look good after years of wearing?
  • There is no pilling, which would be the third reason I love Elegantees. Pilling happens when balls of fiber form on fabric. Each piece is comfortable, fashionable and colorful. I own many pieces, tops, dresses, a couple skirts and jackets…no pilling on any of them. Which brings me to another reason I’m in love.
  • The fabric used is “sustainable, using organic cotton.” I know what you’re thinking when you look at the price. Why in the world would I spend that amount when I can get three for the price. I support this company primarily because I know I am helping women live a better life. If you want awesome fashion with a purpose, then buy from Elegantees. You won’t look back and you will find yourself comparing Elegantees to what you see in the store. In my opinion store bought doesn’t measure up, and many of my store bought clothes I am unable to wear after a year or so.
  • I’ve “met” some awesome women as I’m am part of a Facebook Insiders group where a community of women encourage one another everyday, getting an inside look at what’s coming next before the new items hit the web site. Buy from Elegantees you will be glad you did.