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Drawing New Lines

2021~~This is a re-post from a couple of years ago but wanted to share, it’s one of my favorites.

When I saw this, I thought, ‘yes, that’s me too.” I don’t advocate breaking the law or disobeying authority, or not following the Word of God.

But what has become evident as four children are now out of the nest, doing their own coloring, I did advocate drawing new lines. For sure, people, well-meaning people, will tell you to stay well within the lines, don’t color too close to the edge because your picture won’t look perfect. I want to know why we stress over making sure our picture is perfect? In what world is life ever perfect? Why can’t we draw new lines? With the picture perfect world of social media it’s even harder to color outside the lines, as we compare our lives to others. Don’t compare my friends, do your own coloring. 

Traipsing across the country following my husband/pastor(Ruth 1:16) we have had the time of our lives. Our children were born in three states, moved four times, made life long  friends every time. It wasn’t easy for this girl who loves her people deeply and has a hard time making new friends. But, I tell you, I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I have 

  • learned the steadfast love of a heavenly Father,
  • gained the deep, trusting love of a husband who loves me despite my failings
  • gained friends around the country and in other countries.
  • learned to laugh without fear of the future(Proverbs 31:25), because the Lord has clothed me with his strength and his dignity

The advice I would share with anyone who will listen is this:

  • Encourage your kids to learn, play, and find their way in this world by encouraging their dreams and ideas. Let them fall down, let them…be.
  • Encourage them to work hard at whatever they are doing.
  • Teach them to work hard, even at a young age, little ones want to help and contribute. 
  • Encourage them to draw new lines, lines that don’t break civil or God’s law, but new lines that will let them dream and follow what they believe God has called them to do. Tell them often to follow their dreams, their goals, what they believe they want in life. I would encourage you to begin this at a young age. May they be independent of us as parents and lean on their heavenly Father. 
  • Pray they will love God with all their heart, with all their mind and with all their soul and love their neighbor. 

So, yes, my friends, draw new lines. Follow the Lord in the  new and exciting…and the mundane of Monday’s and Tuesday’s. Ask him for guidance for each step, he will answer and help you color the page he has for you.


  1. Rachel Keller

    Love it!

  2. Nancy Lowenberg

    Thank you for this message

  3. Shelley

    There are lines???

  4. Judy

    Love this! We learn in making cards there are no ‘oops’ or mistakes, just new designs. I look forward to coloring with you again. Your children have learned well????????????

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