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What Do You Do?

I was at a meeting recently where we were asked to introduce ourselves and say what we do……

…and I didn’t have an answer…

…well I had an answer but we would have been there awhile trying to explain ‘what I do’.

Homemaking gets a bad rap in the world today. Those of us who like it feels shamed by those who think we should be above it. Those of us who hate it feels shamed by those who like it. I’m neither here nor there on liking or hating or being above it. All I know is God set humans in a garden to tend, cultivate, and propagate, and so he must intend for us to do that in some form or fashion. I rarely think of that as being a Whole Life thing( as in this one thing is what you’ll do every day for all time) but more of a seasonal thing—like farming. Lore Wilbert(Sayable)

I’ve done many things from childcare, a janitor at Church, working in a couple of bakeries, doing volunteer work, and counseling women. But my main ‘job’ has been a homemaker and raising four children, who today are happy, healthy and making their way in the world. And now that my season has changed I am stumped as to how to answer ‘what do you do?’ And should I be concerned with a seasonal title? Titles change, seasons change, but today I’m thankful that God, who set me in my own garden to tend, does not change. He is the same when I may not know what the next season is….

…..and in that I find rest, peace and confidence to be who He wants me to be regardless of ‘what do you do Jody?’

Happy May Day!! And if you have any suggestions as to how I can answer this question, I’d love to hear!!


  1. Judy

    Perfect. I like that season! You get a gold star for the wife and mother seasons. ?

  2. Nancy L

    Well done and thank you

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