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Cancer or Not…A Must Read

I purchased Praise the Lord and Pass the Chemo a month ago, receiving it on a Wednesday afternoon, finishing it that evening. Two reasons I read it so fast, I know and love the author Elaine who is battling cancer, and as a pastor’s wife, I am walking with many in our Church community suffering from cancer. I have read several books this year on suffering and was curious what more could be said on the subject. I was not disappointed. Whether walking the road of cancer or not, this book is an encouragement for anyone who wants to better follow and love the Lord. Elaine does not write from an ivory tower, but from her own experience of living with leukemia.
The overarching theme of this book is to ‘seek God no matter what.’ Elaine encourages throughout to not ask God why but to seek God. “Don’t seek him for answers. Seek his presence.” How do we seek God’s presence in the midst of a cancer diagnosis? Or after cancer surgery? Or in the middle of many rounds of chemo or radiation? She poses the question of “how do we remove the trauma of cancer in our bodies and our minds?” I was thrilled with her answer as she turns to the Word of God for everything she needs for life and godliness. Her answer…”dwell in the Word of God. Don’t just read the Bible…dwell there.”
This book is a great read full of help and encouragement for those who have cancer. You will want to read this book if just for chapter 14 where Elaine explains the blessing of cancer and the things she does practically at cancer centers. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to read about a woman who loves God heart, mind and soul and her neighbor as well, all the while living a full life in the midst of cancer.

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  1. Elaine Miller

    Thank you Jody for your powerful endorsement. You blessed my heart. I pray many will be encouraged to seek God and “dwell in Him.” With love and prayers, Elaine W. Miller, author

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