No, not available in the dating sense!!! Read on to find out what I mean!!!

Availability means setting aside my agenda, what’s convenient for me, what I want to do, to embrace God’s plans and direction. Even when I do not understand God’s plans or know where they are taking me. ~~Vaneetha Rendell

I’m not sure where this post will end, but I know I want to begin with the word available. If you’ve read recent posts, the end of 2016, this is my first 2017 post, you know I’ve been talking often of words. Maybe I’m a nerd, or the fact I inhale books explains my fascination with words, I don’t know, but hope you will bear with me and continue to read as  I ramble about the word

Available=suitable or ready for use; readily obtainable(

Some synonyms are: at one’s disposal, on hand, free, handy, usable(

I am inspired and challenged by people who live their lives ‘at one’s disposal’.

I think of a friend who recently said in a text

Just thanking God for His grace…amazing when we let other stuff go and how easy it is to do the things He asks us to do.

I am also reminded of a friend who leads a life full of ‘insanity’, her word, not mine, because she is available each day to what God may put in her path. Her day is full of availability because she trusts her God to help her face what that day may bring, good or bad.

I know I’m ready to slow down and not feel like I must fill every waking moment. Slowing down to ready my heart and mind for what God wants, not crossing off items on a to-do list. I want to shut out the distractions of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and focus on what really matters. I do enjoy social media, but…

long chats over coffee with friends

chats with my mom about nothing

enjoying the slow reading of my latest book

communicating well with my husband and far flung family and friends

taking time to make dinner

listening, really listening to my youngest, who will soon take flight….

these rejuvenate and restore my heart, mind and soul.

A few days before Christmas, I watched a love story. No, not on Hallmark or tv or video from Redbox. A love story 48 years in the making was playing out before me as I watched a husband kiss and caress the face of his wife who would soon enter eternity. As I sat in the intensive care unit room, I felt I should look away, for this was one of the most private moments I had witnessed. Pulling my eyes away from this precious moment, I turned my gaze to the window, because these last moments were really none of my business. I finally said my own goodbyes, leaving a picture I knew I would not soon forget. This couple had loved each other for many years, a relationship beginning with someone they knew they could be best-friends till death parted them. I was able to witness this love, and sit with their daughter as she heard the surgeon’s words of ‘nothing else can be done’ because I had not filled my schedule for the week, I was available.

The Puritan ethic of marriage was to look not for a partner whom you do love passionately at this moment, but rather for one whom you can love steadily as your best friend for life, and then to proceed with God’s help to do just that.”


To do list:

Love more; fear less. Bob Goff

And be more available….to God, family, friends, whoever crosses my path today.

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