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5 Ways to Celebrate Spring

At 6:29 AM spring made it's entrance once again. Here in the northeast we enjoy the changing of seasons. I wish one particular season was shorter than some of the others, but I choose to plop my spring purse in the snow bank and not grumble that we still have a couple of feet of snow on the ground. Instead of grumbling I'm looking for ways to celebrate a new season.      

Five Ways to Celebrate--even if there is still snow on the ground

  • Give Thanks --be intentional everyday to be thankful. I try to list at least three things everyday I am thankful for.
  • Don't grumble--it's not very pretty
  • Wherever you live, even here in the northeast, it's possible to get outside and take a walk, run an errand to pick up spring decorations or have coffee with a friend or someone who needs a friend. Getting away from the four walls of your home, office or class room will change your outlook.
  • Plan for warm weather--I'm thinking about starting a small herb garden on my deck.
  • Practice hospitality--invite someone in or go take someone out who lives on the fringe of your life. Looking outside ourselves to those who might need help celebrating a new season will improve your own celebration.

Happy first day of spring 2017.

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