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What a Week!!!

Words escape me as I continue to process and recuperate from a week filled with family, friends, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding of Hannah and Kevin. This mom dreamed about these days a long time ago. I still can’t believe I have the privilege of having Justin, Hannah, Kelsey and Lauren as my children and now beautiful young adults. I know beautiful is a strange word for children, but I am beyond blessed with these four who two now have spouses. 

The following pictures are not the best, but they do capture the emotions of the moment. Better pictures to come, but for today, I needed to share what the past week+ looked like for this beyond blessed wife and mother. 

w_1This girl, my sister-in-law Judy, along with my nephew, Cody, arrived in NY from AZ before anyone else did. She has been like a second mom to Hannah while living in Phoenix. I know I’d be in the funny farm if it weren’t for the behind the scenes work she did. There has to be another word for ‘thank you’, but I don’t know what it would be, so will do for now.

A highlight of our week, was the arrival of the McCoy family, who entered Hannah’s life on her many travels. Her irish family became our family! Son Matt, mom Lorraine, daughter Cara, dad Noel. Watch out Ireland, you may have Gates visiting in the future!!w_3

w_6Hannah’s bridal shower was held late in the week since she wasn’t able to make a trip home just for this, so it was a packed full week of celebrating. My mom, sisters, nieces and daughters celebrated with Judy, taking the picture I’m sure, along with friends and family from Kevin’s side and college friends. 

w_4Grandma Jan, Rob’s mom, and her husband Art, also made the trip from AZ! Cody read Scripture at the ceremony, all decked out for the big day!

w_9I absolutely love this picture of my sister Julie, and my brother-in-law David. Some of my favorite people!! They took a train along with their daughter Peyton, from Iowa to New York City,  making their way back to Syracuse for the wedding. They along with my sister Janet, niece  Allison and my mom kept me sane on ‘baking day’ for the shower. 10+ people in the kitchen and dining room almost sent me to the funny farm.

I know Hannah, you’re not looking at the camera, but I promise better pictures will follow.

w_8I don’t know what I would have done this last week without this guy by my side as we prepared to agree together when he said ‘her mother and I ‘. He was my best friend before he was anything else and has remained so for 30+ years. Seasons of life are ever-changing but the foundation of friendship has carried us through as well as our mutual love of God. I know Hannah has found her new husband to be the same kind of man and friend. That is my prayer for all my children and all my single friends and relatives.

Happy to highly recommend Bloomin Gals Bouquets in Marcellus, New York and Dickey’s Barbecue in Cortland, New York. Professional photos by Kate and Courtney at

Stay tuned for more pictures..or not if you’ve seen enough!! Haha

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  1. Sandy Booher

    So happy to hear your week of bridal celebrations with family and friends for Hannah and Kevin was “far more abundantly than all you could ask or think”, God is so good!I The pictures clearly show the joy that everyone shared in celebrating their special day! Congratulations to you and Rob on gaining a new son-in-law as well!!!!

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