Steve (not his real name) was a young man with a wife who loved him and two sons who he spent all his spare┬átime with. He had it all…

family, a job he loved, a beautiful home, and friends and family he spent the weekends with…

Then God found Steve, drew Steve to Himself and set Steve apart to be his disciple. Steve wanted to love God with all his heart. He was so excited about his newfound faith and love for his Savior and wanted to share it with his wife…

Nothing doing was her reply, sending him on his way to be a ‘Jesus freak’. After much pleading with his wife praying she would change her mind, Steve consented to the divorce she wanted.
When I met Steve his son had just been diagnosed with cancer, who only had days to live, he went to be with Jesus as a boy. Steve stayed with Jesus.
Steve went on to marry a wonderful Christian woman who loved Jesus as much as he did.

Shortly after he was married, he had problems with his sight, going blind in one eye.
I wonder if he ever asked,

how much more Lord?

If he ever wanted to say

Jesus, this is too much?

Divorce, death of his son and eye problems visited him over the course of a year.
It has been a long time since I talked to Steve. As far as I know he never said ‘why me’? But stayed with Jesus knowing that God knew what he was doing even in the tragedies of life.

He trusted God’s heart when he couldn’t trace his hand, knowing that God does work in mysterious ways.