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Life In-Between the Commas

2016~~Written a year ago, but a much needed reminder for me today!! 

Happy Tuesday

I don’t remember how I came across the web site of Marcus Brotherson , but he had a stunning article about a friend of his. I first read 5 Wise Principles Gleaned from a Too-Short Life of Excellence in February, printed it and filed it away for another day. Who knew…well God did…six months down the road I would be thinking more about living intentionally and with purpose? Yes, I know those words sound cliche’ and I think we all would like to slow down and not rush from jobs to sporting events to dinner to homework and then do it all over again. There is a better way, and I like to think ‘living life on purpose’ rather than letting life happen to us, is a better way. 

Purposeful= determined and resolute(

Intentional= done with intention or on purpose(

Two reasons I am thinking about a daily, determined and on purpose lifestyle

  • Because of the passing of a very good friend, I want to make each day count
  • In November I will be married thirty years…a long time these days

I find myself a million miles away some days, not living in the moment. Not taking in the beauty of creation, a sunrise or a sunset. My mind is always racing to the next thing. Last week at a stop light a woman had jumped out of her car to help a man in a wheel chair pick up his belongings that were all over the pavement. I was so busy trying to get home or thinking about what was next on my to do list, I didn’t give much thought to the caring and helpful attitude of someone who was probably in a hurry too. How many times do I pass by the man or woman on the street asking for money and never stopping to answer the question as to ‘why can’t I spare a couple bucks?’ assuming the money I hand out the window will just be used for alcohol or drugs.

Most days we will do the same thing. Get up, work, eat, take care of our families, eat, go bed and do the same thing tomorrow. But how we live in between the commas can be different while we do the same thing day after day.

I found the printed copy of the article mentioned earlier and found my summary notes as to how we can live life wisely.

  1. Live life with excellence everyday.
  2. “Our occupations and stages of life are not our identity; but only reflections of our identity. We will be the same people no matter what we do.” Marcus Brotherton
  3. “It’s ok to be honest about our difficulties, yet the call is never to let them define us.” Marcus Brotherton
  4. “Live a purposeful life in the good and the bad.” Marcus Brotherton
  5. “Live in such a way that you inspire others. Your main point is not to inspire them, but to live well. The inspiration will occur as a natural by-product of your life. Loving and serving others will bring fullness of joy in God’s presence.” Marcus Brotherton

Ultimately, I want to live life as unto the Lord whether I am throwing clothes in the washing machine, keeping the toilet clean, writing a blog post or teaching Sunday School. 1 Corinthians 10:31

How will you live on purpose?




  1. Jody

    Thanks for your comment Becky!! Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Becky

    Thank you for those great reminders, Jody. I appreciated all the thoughts you included!

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