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Do Not Disturb


I have come to love and appreciate this  half-moon icon the red arrow is pointing to. Maybe love is somewhat strong word, but for peace of mind in a hectic schedule I turn to this half-moon for rest. I am an avid user of my smart phone, specifically an iPhone. This half-moon represents a Do Not Disturb app, which comes on automatically at night until early morning. I’ve recently been turning it when I go into my closet.

My prayer closet that is.(Matthew 6:6) It is hard to break the habit of always being available, whether it is by text, a phone call or social media slyly trying to have my undivided attention. Breaking the habit of my smart phone directing my days and not the Lord directing my steps, is a hard one to break. But, slowing down, taking the time to go to a deserted place or into a secret place is as much-needed today as it was in Jesus’ day who got up early, while it was still dark and prayed. (Mark 1:35)

I know the excuses reasons well why time is not set aside to commune with the lover of our souls. Seasons of motherhood, of maybe working 2 jobs, or working and kids at home, or maybe your life has slowed down a bit, and now are filled with good works for neighbors, community and church. But if the Lord of the universe needed time away from the hustle and bustle of life, how much more do we need maybe just a few minutes carved out everyday?

YBH?= Yes, but how? is the question I can hear from most of you.

I didn’t say it is easy. But, it will include some self-denial. Whether less sleep to get up earlier, or less time on phones that scream for our attention,  or less tv, or maybe asking a spouse to watch the little ones while you hide away. I know of a young mom of 6 who literally goes into her closet and shuts the door. Reminds me of Sarah Edwards, wife of Jonathon Edwards, and mother to eleven, which came at two year intervals. History records her as throwing up her apron during the day, and when she did so, her children knew to not bother her, because she was spending time with the Lord.

  1. Determine to set aside time to read God’s Word and pray, the length of time will depend on your present circumstances.
  2. Make a plan. Where, how long, what will I read?
  3. Turn off the phone. Although, I do use Evernote for my prayer requests, so Do Not Disturb does work here.
  4. Find rest for your souls and feed on His Word.
  5. Do not let guilt rob you of rest and joy if you fail to get to your closet on a regular basis. Guilt is a joy robber and an enemy of a spirit filled life. Press on, don’t look back and try again the next day. (Philippians 3:12-14)

And if you are trying to call or text and I don’t answer, it may just be I’m practicing what I preach and using my Do Not Disturb!




  1. Sandy Booher

    I so much appreciated your thoughts, Jody, as i think it’s something we all need to address, I know I do! Do I always need to be available? No, if it’s urgent, a phone call will work! My time with the Lord is as much a discipline as it is a joy! I need to work on the discipline more, it’s so easy to be distracted! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Hannah Gates

    MOM! You need to be available all the time. What if I can’t reach you? What if I need you?!

    hehehe just kidding 🙂

  3. Linda Avery

    Our pastor just started a mini series on prayer. This is the email I just sent to him:

    I’ve really been challenged by the Prayer series you started today. I pray that others are, too. I began thinking about things that hold me back from a dedicated prayer time. One of the biggest problems I face is knowing what to pray about. I’m guessing other people have the same problem. Some things that keep me on task are:

    Using the prayer and praise list in the bulletin.

    Praying through the church directory – even if you don’t know them you can pray for them.

    Create your own list – family, friends, co-workers, random opportunities to bless others or be a testimony, current events – locally, nationally and worldwide.

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to prayer. It seems our excuses often out weigh the possibilities.

    So, thanks for the second reminder/call to prayer in two days! I’d appreciate your prayers as I guard my time with our Lord. (6:40-6:55 am.)

  4. Terri

    Wow! I learned something new. I had no idea what that little half-moon, thingy on my I-phone was for. I thought I just had to shut the phone off altogether. Nice. Good words today, Jody!

  5. Marilyn

    Words I need to hear! I went through a time where I did the following, encouraged by a gentlemen, speaking to teens, “read your Bible, talk to God everyday, BEFORE you check Facebook!”. One feels so much more informed if you do that instead of worrying about “who did what” for the past 8 hours! Thank you for the reminder!

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