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Second Born-Hannah

Today will no doubt be my last day of playing with a full deck as my brain is full of wedding plans and beloved family members begin their trek to Lafayette for the wedding of this girl. She makes me laugh when she commented on this post, wanting to know when she makes her debut on my blog. Here ya go Hannah. Not to worry Justin and Lauren, you too will be talked about in the coming months and year. Although I try not make a habit about writing about my family, they may want to tell their own stories someday, but my blessed gifts from Heaven have made me the person I am today…we grew up together.

I remember this day well, Justin was a toddler, Hannah was not far behind her big brother as we strolled through Sea World in San Diego. The trip didn’t go as planned, they were too young to enjoy the seals, and many of the rides and shows we adults came to see. To this day, Hannah does a lot of pondering, but she doesn’t chew on her fingers anymore, that  I know of. If you’ve read my book, you know Hannah was saved a couple of times before she was even born. I won’t give it away, you can read it in Confessions of a Farmer’s Daughter.


Hannah was engaged to be married  on Christmas Eve and a wedding/party has been in the works since then.  Thankfully, it has come together with many helping hands and brains to make this a blessed day. She has gone to college, worked at a couple of jobs, and travelled the world. You can read about that time in her life here at Global Wanderings...which I highly recommend, she has a beautiful take on the world around her.


A highlight of spending time with Hannah was when we drove in her little car across country from New York to Phoenix, AZ where she would live with family and work. This day was very early, foggy, and I almost didn’t make the trip with her. But beyond grateful I had her undivided attention for a week. We were still friends by the time we pulled into Grandma’s driveway and our time together is etched on my heart. Road Trip '14-1

She will soon leave and cleave, beginning her life with her beloved Kevin. But this past Mother’s Day, a dream came true I have dreamt about since that day at Sea World. She wrote in my card, thanking me for mothering her, but also for being a friend to her. And bottom line, I am not sad the intentional, hard-working days of mothering are over. I was called a long time ago to be a wife and mom, I did that and now my mothering role will look different for my adult children who are taking their own adventures and making a life they are called to.

I have many family and friends who are hardworking, beautiful mothers. If I could leave  you with one two three tips for raising a family, it would be to always pray, pray without ceasing for the gifts God has given you in your children. Always depend on our Great God for everything you need as a mother. Nothing is impossible with God wherever you may find yourself as a mom today. God knows. He loves our children MORE than we ever could. Entrust them to His loving care and love your kids to the moon and back. Lastly, let them go, even at a young age, to explore, play, work, and fall down on their own. Let little ones figure out how to problem solve, how to get along with others, and allow them to find out for themselves what God has planned for their lives.

Check back soon for pictures of the bride and groom.


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  1. Judy

    Still love this post!!! You ARE a wonderful mother and friend and sister and wife and Auntie and….

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