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Why Do They Do That?

I have been asked on several occasions where my kids get their

wanderlust=a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

I stutter and stammer, trying to explain why Kelsey went to Italy as a nanny several years ago and is presently in St. John living and working.  Why Hannah has travelled throughout Europe and Southeast Asia and moved to Arizona to live and work, and why Justin ventured to North Dakota a couple of years ago to work in oil fields and now lives with his wife in Wyoming. My guess is Lauren will do the same, not work in oil fields….wander!!!

While reading a book on third culture kids I came across why I think these children of mine do what they do.

Rob and I gave them wings.

Literally, *“they all flew in airplanes before they could walk.”

With the exception of Lauren who took a 21 hour car ride before she could walk. Our kids have spent their lives flying or taking very long car rides to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  The roads we have travelled have been many. They have lived in Kansas, Indiana and Kingston, and Lafayette, NY. They will tell you our move from downstate to upstate was one of the hardest things they’ve done. That move shaped who they are today, which is a subject for another post.

We started them on the road and airplane when they were very young which, I believe, *“taught them to look beyond the obstacles of their dreams and look at the benefits.”We gave them the desire to rove or travel about because that is how we have lived. We have followed our Friend Who sticks closer than a brother, looking beyond what we would be leaving behind, which in most cases was dear, dear friends and church family and our extended family and friends. We looked ahead to what God was calling us to do, confident He would give us everything we needed as we packed up. We want to “see the world through the lens of hope and opportunity”*, which I’m guessing we have also passed onto our kids.

So now I have my answer the next time you ask me why my kids live where they do…blame it on the parents.

*Between Worlds: Essays on Culture and Belonging


  1. Debbie

    As a mom who’s nearest child is 2 hours away (further than that right now, as he is in a submarine someplace), I can totally relate to why did our sons choose to make their way hours away from us. I am amazed at where the Lord has lead our sons. And while some people may enjoy vacations in Europe, I can say with that I have been to some very interesting places (i.e. Rexford, NY, Reidsville, GA, Enid, OK, anyone?)!

  2. Luanne

    good post Jody, you also gave them the confidence to try what they want to try & not be afraid.

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