I was born and raised in Iowa and have been back to my first home to visit more times than I can count. My brother-in-law, Mike, who is the director for Marshall County Conservation, took our family to a place we have never been, and I was naive’ to the fact it existed. Marietta Sand Prairie is only a few miles from the farm I grew up on. On our recent vacation, we walked through this protected sand prairie at sunset. It was the highlight of a hot and humid day.Sand prairie



Sand Prairie 4



Sand Prairie 5Hopefully, my sisters and mom won’t mind having their pictures here.  I’m not much for selfies, but I couldn’t resist these crazy girls that I love. Julie and Janet could be twins and I’ve often wondered if I was adopted. For those of you who know my extended family, you will often hear me say I got the Lynk’s gene. And just a reminder about my beautiful hair… it was the end of a very hot and humid day!!!Sand Prairie 6

Sand Prairie 2Check back for more Vacation 2015 posts. I’m still recuperating from driving….well riding…1000 miles Monday into Tuesday morning. Rob put the pedal to the metal and we drove straight through. These two clowns kept us company.

Vacation '15Do you know what the best part about coming back from vacation is?

Vacation '15 1Finding money in the bottom of the dryer after doing the first vacation load of laundry.