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Uhhhh….ten…Chun. Where is Yours?

A week ago today, Lauren boarded a plane and took off for Wyoming…by herself. She had flown, but never alone. Because her brother lives in the middle of nowhere in  Wyoming, Lauren had to make two connections to get there. Since her flight out of Washington D.C. was delayed, it was a possibility she would miss her connection in Denver to fly to Casper. The men of our family vowed to not let that happen as her dad, brother, and Hannah’s boyfriend made plans to make sure she would not be alone in the baggage claim overnight if she missed her flight.

Last week, there were two murderers running free in upstate New York after they had escaped from  a maximum security prison. Though not very close to where we live, we did have our guard up. And last Friday, the Supreme Court handed down a decision of marriage that I do not agree with. Mix in another daughter returning from six months of travel, close friends who have children graduating from high school with many graduation parties and endless rain and storms, there are too many things that cause ‘soul noise’. Noise that no one else hears, but the constant “unharmonious or discordant group of sounds.”( Worry about the future, worry about safety, worry about an unhappy marriage or children who are struggling. 

I am thankful I have a remedy for worry, for the noise that can rumble around in my mind. The remedy of the gospel. I don’t have to try and figure out what the future holds for any of these issues, because I know Who holds the future. The elixir of God’s Word is what is needed to face any day. Diligence in saturating my heart, mind and soul in the Word of God will remind me where my focus needs to be every. single. day. I trust the Bible to help me navigate the pressing issues of my 21st century culture. I trust God to show me how to love and how to live as a pilgrim. 

How to saturate in God’s Word?

  • Read God’s Word before you read anything else…newspaper, email, FB, or pinterest…easier said than done…
  • Use your smart phone, Ipad, Kindle or Nook to listen to God’s Word while you get ready for the day and as you fall asleep at night.
  • Before you head to FB or Pinterest read the Bible on your computer or keep your Bible close to your computer reading God’s Word first.
  • Listen to God’s Word as you exercise.
  • Read the statutes of God before that favorite novel.
  • Listen to the precepts of God as you get meals ready or clean.

By the way, Lauren did make her connecting flight and began her two week visit with Justin and her new sister-in-law Melissa. 

Keep your attention on Jesus Christ as risen from the dead and descended from David. This is according to my gospel. 2 Timothy 2:8


  1. Debbie

    Thank you for this post and the gentle reminder of how very important it is to respond to our daily struggles and joys through the Word of God. His Word is truth.

  2. Gigi W.

    Great reminders, Jodi! My “rule” was always God before computer. I am ashamed to admit that I have not been keeping to my own rule. Time to turn it around and get back on track with my priorities!

    Glad your daughter made it to WY safely!

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