Father’s Day 2015 will be celebrated this Sunday. This morning, as I prayed for my favorite pastor and father of our four children, I was overwhelmed with how much I have and the realization of how I take it all for granted.  In my high school and college days, I dreamed of prince charming, who would sweep me off my feet, read Shakespeare to me as we picnicked in the park and brought me flowers every week. I know I wanted love and romance which I equated with all the above. I wanted a lover first, not an intimate way, but in a romance kind of way. But as I headed off to college, God knew what I needed and he gave me a friend first. The best advice I could give my single readers would be to let friendship develop, have fun and put Christ first. Our mutual love for the Lord and our friendship have been the foundation of a 35 year friendship and almost 30 years of marriage.

Future husband…future father…would be a life long friend, which I didn’t know at the time. There were no romantic dinners for poor college students, or flowers because tuition had to be paid first. Our first ‘dates’ were spent in the basement of the women’s dormitory where the cafeteria was. The future husband and father’s first college job was to wash all the pots and pans the cooks had used for the day. He would wash and I would watch while we talked…I forget what we talked about, but I’m sure it had to do with the thoughts of a budding pastor/theologian. I won’t re-tell our story today, you can find it under the category As The Parsonage Turns, or better yet, in my book, Confessions of A Farmer’s Daughter.

This post is mostly for me, as I remind myself to be thankful everyday for what God has given.

  • A Friend = a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard
  • A Husband = a married man, especially when considered in relation to his wife.
  • A Father = a male parent
  • Pastor = a person having spiritual care of a number of persons.(all definitions from Dictionary.com)

I am blessed beyond words to be the wife of a man who is a friend and takes care of me spiritually, and a father to four children who he loves with all his heart.

Happy Father’s Day friend!!