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Several weeks ago I threw up my hands in despair. What could I do? was the only thing going through my mind.

The 9th or 10th planned parenthood videos had been released from The Center for Medical Progress. What I had seen and forced myself to watch left me speechless. Was the butchering of babies and then selling their body parts really happening in our civilized nation? And what could I do? Should I remain silent? Did I dare turn the other way and pretend I had not seen? Would I just throw my hands up in futility?

Rather than curse the darkness, I believed God was asking me to proclaim the light in the work of New Hope Family Services.

new hope

Off I trotted to their office with questions ready to ask Martha, the director, and Stephanie, a friend who works alongside Martha. After a brief tour of a very busy office, we sat down together. I felt like I had known Martha all my life. Our meeting of three in Martha’s office was God-filled and Spirit led. I posed the following questions to them both.

What words come to mind when you think of the work of New Hope?

Love, hope, warm, loving environment, peace refuge. I can attest to these words as I had never been in their office. My husband and I have been avid supporters of this agency, but I had not visited. When I stepped into the reception area there was a calming peace as I waited for my appointment. A peace I knew was from God. A friendly face greeted me when I walked in. Martha also commented that there are 13 women on staff and you know what happens when a group of women get together?!! Their staff meetings are grace filled and unified, even if disagreements come up. Everyone wants to have the mind of Christ and do his will and that sense is conveyed the minute you walk into the office or begin chatting with the staff.

How does the Word of God tell the work of New Hope?

The staff prays everyday, praying for and with our clients,  offering  the plan of salvation if the client is receptive. Spot praying has also been implemented as we know all of our help comes from God and we cannot do any of this on our own. The Word of God is lived out everyday by loving God first and then loving our neighbor. Several comments encouraged me to press on in the fight of abortion and valuing all life from the beginning to the last breath breathed. I was helped by the statement that “abortion is not an issue, but a reality” and we must not become de-sensitized to what is happening.

What can we do to help and encourage New Hope Family Services?

As an agency we must have the help of local churches. We depend on them for not only financial help, but we need their fervent prayers. Practically, we need diapers, formula and clothes up to 2T. New Hope sees those who have an unplanned pregnancy not just through the birth of the baby, but offer practical help once the baby is born.

Our visit was too soon over. I was encouraged to not throw up my hands and not do anything. The work of New Hope and any crisis pregnancy center in your area, first needs our prayers. They cannot do this important work without the prayers of God’s people. Secondly, volunteers are needed. I was asked to fill three positions while I was there. Martha kept saying she was kidding…but I think she was half kidding. And who knows what the future holds? I do know I will soon be an empty nester.

There is no brilliant way to end this post. The reality of valuing all of life is not going away. May we value the life God has given us and protect the life of those not yet born.





  1. Linda Dix

    Jody, This is where you belong with your expertise and with this terrible problem in the world today. It is so sad, but as you say, lots of prayer is needed.

  2. Jody

    Thanks Becky!!

  3. Becky M.

    Jody, I could TOTALLY see you fitting in and being gloriously used at New Hope!

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