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Mr. Grey He is NOT!!

It is the eve of a Valentine’s day 2015. I have mixed emotions on this frigid February Day because a movie that encourages abuse, bondage, prison and VERY WRONG IDEAS of what love is will be released tonight. I’ve remained quite silent on the matter, except to encourage my friends, especially my Christian friends to not see the movie. Who am I to tell you what you should see, read or do in the privacy of your own home? Well, if that home was fire, I would run in and rescue you. And I don’t have to eat dirt to know it tastes bad. This movie will do nothing to help your marriage or spice up your love life. It will not push you to love God and your neighbor more, nor will it fill your mind with what is true, lovely, right or pure. (Philippians 4:8)

In celebration of love I am re-posting what I love about my husband who has been faithful, loving and true. He is a man of God I CAN trust. You cannot trust Mr. Grey.

This post was written in 2009 but was inspired by my friend Elaine to write about how Rob and I got together. That story follows the list of characteristics written in 2009.

Far too often I sometimes focus on the things that annoy me about my husband. I thought it was about time to make a list of his great qualities. And if it’s bragging, oh well, maybe today’s marriages would be even better if we bragged instead of complained.

Twenty Great Characteristics Rob
1.  He is a man of God.
2.  He is a man of prayer.
3.  He is a man of his word.
4.  He is faithful, something I’ve never had to worry about.
5.  He is funny.
6.  He is the smartest man I know.
7.  He changed the diapers of our babies.
8.  He helps me to be the woman of God I need to be.
9.  He is trustworthy.
10. He takes care of our family when we are sick, known as Dr. Rob.
11. He thinks of my needs ahead of his own.
12. He is the same person at work and at home.
13. He is a great and faithful father.
14. He perseveres, getting to Iowa when I needed him the most.
15. He is stubborn, not always a bad characteristic.
16. He gets up in the middle of the night to help with sick kids.
17. He teaches our children God’s Word, sending them Bibles out of his stash when they asked for one of his at      Christmas.(2015)
18. He absolutely loves to read and study.
19. He encourages me to be a woman of God’s Word and not a “fluffy” Christian.
20. Most of all he loves me no matter what and I know he always will.

If you would like to read more about how we came to meet and eventually marry, you can buy Confessions of a Farmer’s Daughter by clicking on the link in my sidebar. 


  1. Gabby Nies

    I really enjoyed reading your post! I found it very encouraging.

  2. Elaine W. Miller

    I love your list. Every husband and wife should make such a list for their spouse and read it every day. Let’s change the way the world looks at marriage, my friend!

    God bless you and Rob today and every day!
    Elaine W. Miller

  3. Marylou

    I “LOVE” to hear about marriages, that it’s very evident that God planned before time began. After “45” years of marriage to Bob, I’ve Never been sorry. He (God) pulled miracles together to get us to meet one another clear from New York to Illinois! I also had a praying Mother for which I’m thankful. My love for him continues to grow even after all these years, and I believe it’s because God is the “Center” of our marriage. (We’re Retired?? now..and it’s more Fun now then before.)

  4. Elaine W. Miller

    I love God’s plans!!!

    Happy Anniversary, love birds!

    Elaine W. Miller

  5. Terri

    I love it! Brag away, my friend. You are right, people need to do more of that in marriage!

  6. Gigi

    You are richly blessed Jody…and I suspect your hubby feels the same way!

  7. Jody

    She sounds like a keeper Jim.

  8. Lori

    Amen! Praise is needed!

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