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Motley Monday( Tuesday this week)

Who in their right mind uses the word motley in a blog post title?

Probably someone who loves to read and spends her early evening watching Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and learning 1100 Words You Need to Know. By the look of this pile of books I also like to read. Does nerd come to mind?

So, yes, Mondays at Jody Lynne will be known as motley.



Fall is my favorite season, although if I give it much thought, the most dreaded season of central New Yorker’s follows. I enjoy this time of year and have begun my hunt for affordable decorations, i.e. cheap. The Dollar Store is a treasure trove for the amateur decorator who changes her table-scape on a regular basis. Not sure table-scape is a word. This summer I found bottles just like these, but in blue and green.I love the pumpkin/orange colors. ┬áScore–$1 each. The flowers were $1 too. The gourds and pumpkins, 3 for $1. I have been buying bright sunflowers all summer from a farm stand up the road. $1 for a bunch.

Another favorite trick when roasting a whole chicken is to butterfly it. You would think this would be a tedious process, but it takes all of five minutes when the kitchen shears are sharp. Lay the whole chicken on it’s breast, cut up one side of the back, then the other side, flip the bird on its back, spreading it apart and pressing down on the breast to lay it flat and wala, it’s ready to be roasted or grilled.









Chicken5I roasted this on 400 for 20 minutes, setting the temp to 350 for the rest of the baking time. See the white, thing-a-ma-jiggy? Again, not a word. When it pops up, approximately one hour and the internal temperature is 160.

Beginning this post last week, I had several other items I wanted to add to this post, here it is Monday and I have lost that particular brain cell that held my ideas…i.e. I forgot.

There you have it, my first Motley Monday on a Tuesday.



  1. Jody

    Terri, and you are the next Martha Stewart!!!:-)

  2. Terri

    The next Julia Child! ;-). Thanks for the tip and I love the decorations.

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