Except for this past Monday, I haven’t had time to sit down and write. Betty Nicholson, my mom, is in the house…literally. And there’s never a dull moment when she is here, unless we are both taking an afternoon siesta, which we both love to do, maybe I got it from her.  She made her way from Iowa, arriving Tuesday night just in time to see Lauren play varsity volleyball last night.

Columbus Day weekend is huge here in Lafayette, NY with the annual Apple Festival. If the weather is gorgeous, thousands will descend on this small community. Beak and Skiff Apple Orchard is just down the road from us, and was recently voted #1 apple orchard in the United States. It is a beautiful time of year here in upstate New York and my family and I along with my mom plan on taking in the festivities this weekend.

Her favorite things are to drink tea while I drink coffee, spend time with her grandchildren and tell me how to drive from the back seat where she likes to be chauffeured!! haha…just kidding mom…kind of!!!

This isn’t the greatest picture of us. It was taken this summer when we were all together at the farm in Iowa and we were celebrating Justin and Melissa’s marriage, they had eloped a year ago, so we had a big party for them!! Have a fabulous weekend, and maybe next week there will be a blog post about apples, wagon rides and my mom!!