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Beauty in the Dead of Winter

The first thought I had this morning was yayyy!!! the sun is peeking through the glimmering shine of white snow and pointed icicles. Ok, so those weren’t my exact thoughts. I try to rejoice in every new morning and God’s new mercy for today was the sun is shining! A bright orange ball of sunshine has been rare this winter as we have had storm after storm dump the white stuff.unnamed (20)

It can get very depressing, cold and dreary, and I have to admit you would have heard me say yesterday, “I’m so sick of snow.” Did you know you can get “shovel elbow”? We are blessed with the services of someone else plowing our driveway, one of the perks of living up the hill from the church. So when the church gets plowed, we get plowed..well our driveway gets plowed!! HA! The stairs to the deck, the deck and our mailbox still have to be rescued from a snow drift. The snowplow ┬ákeeping our road clean doesn’t think it’s important to lift his blade when he goes by our mailbox…what’s up with that?!! So, routinely our mailbox gets buried!! Hence…’shovel elbow’!!!

Don’t feel sorry for me though! I grew up in Iowa, lived in Kansas and Indiana. I know what winter looks like. Yes, Syracuse winters are a different breed, but complaining and whining about the snow and cold does not benefit me at all. Yes, it’s a choice to say this is the day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it. But joy in life is ultimately about choosing. (Philippians 4:4)

Well, enough sermonizing!!! It’s a new day and I choose to rejoice despite ‘shovel elbow’!!

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  1. Judy gates

    Have a glorious day! I am thinking baking and coffee would be delightful.

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