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5 Reasons to Celebrate Today(and a Give away)

This post was supposed to be 5 Reasons to Celebrate Monday, then I was going to write a clever post about how we need to celebrate Tuesdays, because Tuesdays are stuck in between Monday and Wednesday and don’t get a lot of attention. Monday is back to work, school,etc. day, Wednesday is hump day…you know over the hump to Thursday which makes the weekend in sight. And who doesn’t love Friday? Unless of course you work on Saturdays. Maybe the future holds a celebrate Tuesday post, cuz I feel sorry for Tuesdays. And here it is Wednesday already, so let’s celebrate today.

Everyday should be a celebration of life. A new life, a harried life or a mundane life. There are always reasons to celebrate. No, I haven’t always jumped out of bed saying hey world, look out here I come…okay…I’ve never said that…I’m not a morning person. But a verse I came upon this week may helps me get out of bed easier.

But I will see Your face in righteousness; when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence. Psalm 17:15

Five reasons I’m celebrating today.

  1. I woke up.
  2. The sun is shining, with this week being a brilliant first week of November in central New York.
  3. The hum of the dryer and the noisy dishwasher were soothing sounds this morning. I know, I’m weird. But those sounds were gentle reminders I have clothes to wear, electricity and food to eat.
  4. Opportunities to do something I love. Bake!! I’m getting ready for a bake sale this weekend that will benefit the Junior Class at Lafayette, which Lauren is a part of.
  5. I’m celebrating by giving away a brand new book by Katie Wells, Reckless Design, Wild Surrender


At an early age, Katie Wells surrendered her life to God. After college, she chose to serve Him in Bolivian missions for eight years as she taught art in a city and the Bible in a remote village. Humbling experiences opened her up to God and changed her forever.

For a young woman from central New York, Bolivia was a cultural and personal shock. She knew no Spanish but lived with a family who spoke no English. She had to learn new customs, eat new foods, find her way around Santa Cruz, a city with streets so convoluted even local taxi drivers get lost, and resist the advances of charming Bolivian men infatuated with the exotic American.

Later she would relocate to a tiny village in eastern Bolivia. Completely isolated, and with only a two-way radio for communication, Wells learned to trust God while teaching the Bible in a jungle church. She fell in love with a handsome pilot but chose friendship instead, swam in piranha-filled rivers, and dealt with loneliness—all to further God’s work.

Similar in tone to David Platt’s book Radical, Reckless Design presents a rare artistic and female perspective on spiritual surrender and trust in God’s plan.

In addition to giving away this book, I will include a gift card from Starbucks, because coffee and reading go together. Leave a comment about what you’re celebrating and you will be entered to win. I will announce the winner on Friday.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Jody

    Sue Price is the winner of the book give away.

  2. elainewmiller

    Why are we all in such a hurry to get through our weeks? Just means we’ll get old even faster. Time flies. Let’s all enjoy each day. That’s what I am celebrating. Living each day because I have fewer left than the ones I’ve lived and those went really fast. Love you, Jody. Thanks for the give away.

  3. Marilyn kennedy

    I’m celebrating with my daughter and her volleyball team a conference championship at Midamerica Nazarene University. They play “for him”!!

  4. Becky M.

    I’m celebrating being cancer-free, living in a free country, and delighting in the free gift of eternal life God offers everyone through his son, Jesus!

  5. Sue Price

    I enjoy reading your posts. I’m celebrating a walk with my husband & dog in the sunshine. I’m thankful for the opportunity to spend time with my Mom, who is 85 years old….I’ve discovered we are a lot alike……

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