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Chores and God’s Word

This is a re-post from two years ago,  mostly a reminder for me as I press on to know God through His Word…and I’m re-doing some blog categories. Hey, what else is there to do on a frigid Lafayette day? 

Last week I was doing a task I’d rather let the maid do…

kind of like making the bed. I don’t like to do it, but it looks better and has to be made before I get in it anyway. And the maid had the day off.  The other task is ironing. Rob wears dress clothes to the office and I like him to look good, so I iron his shirts and some dress pants. As I was getting everything set up the Lord reminded me to make use of the time so I set my smart phone down on the ironing board to listen to Scripture.


And my old standby…my New American Standard Bible with a journal and devotional I use everyday, or the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

With technology what it is today, the freedom of religion enabling us to own 1 or a 100 Bibles, (I won’t mention any names here), with the Bible on tape, or CD’s there really is no reason to not have God’s Word in our hearts.

Pastor Rob’s messages are another great way to get God’s Word into your heart and mind. The Holy Spirit has been moving mightily with his messages outstanding as of late…well…they’re always great. You can listen to them here. 

…and I don’t have a maid!! I also justified my smart phone purchase by having several Bibles on it for easy access when I’m away from home, I use the calendar on it to record prayer requests and set alerts to remind me to pray and I have several devotional websites on it it to read while waiting for appointments or setting at a red light, not really.

This is a great time of year, the beginning, to get God’s Word into our hearts and minds!!

How do you saturate your life with the Word of God?


  1. Elaine W. Miller

    Thanks for the encouragement to keep God’s Word at our fingertips. Merry Christmas to you, dear Jody!

  2. Terri

    I always find it interesting that with all the technology and print at our fingers today, how many LESS people are reading the Bible.

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