Intersecting Life and Faith

“Wherever You Are, Be all There.”

As the eleventh month of 2014 makes its entrance this weekend I wonder ‘how did that happen’ so soon and I think about the beginning of this year. I promised myself I would not let another year pass without living intentionally. I don’t know what purposeful living looks like for you, but in 2014 I was determined to make the most of everyday and not just let the days pass from one to the other living on ‘someday island’. You know the place, right? Someday I will do this or that, someday I will ________________.

I made choices many years ago to love life and love the life I am living. As Jim Elliot said “wherever you are be all there.” I have not always been successful in being content where God had set me down, but this quote and Philippians 4:11 have been my guide.

I have spent the past couple of weeks looking in the rear view mirror, not being ‘all here.’ or content. The life I love has had some changes leaving me sad and somewhat depressed(ok maybe a lot depressed for a few days). I was choosing to react to circumstances and not choosing to make the most of the day I had been given. And life is about choices. Do we just let life happen to us or do we choose what we believe God is calling us to today? Because we are not promised tomorrow. (James 4:13) Will joy and contentment be the theme of our life or will our lives be marked by joyless and discontented living. Circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Whether it is a car accident, death of a loved one, children growing up or long time missionaries called out of a country because of Ebola. Will we let God dictate how we live or our circumstances?

So back to a choice I made earlier this year. It was to listen through the Bible in year. I typically like to read through the a Bible, but I wanted to do something different. I have been amazed this year how God’s Word has come alive while listening. This morning as I walked, listening to the passages for October 28, 1 Timothy 5:10 jumped through the ear buds. God had a message for a woman trying to find her way again. Lately, I’ve felt like my 22-year-old self when I was fresh out of college with no direction. What in the world did God want from me? Fast forward thirty years and I’m there again. I want to live my life loving God with all my heart, mind and soul and my neighbor as myself. But, honestly, what does that look like practically, from day-to-day? This morning the message was loud and clear.

First Timothy 5 is a passage telling us how to take care of widows. I’m not a widow, but verse 10 does give me direction. And it is direction for any woman. This verse speaks to the

  • single, married,  or divorced
  • stay-at-home mom or those work full-time outside the home
  • rich, poor and middle class
  • young or old

I’m excited to pattern the rest of my life beyond any role I identify myself with because I can

  1. do good works
  2. bring up children
  3. show hospitality
  4. wash the saints feet
  5. help the afflicted
  6. and devote myself to every good work

Be encouraged woman of God if you find yourself floundering today, as I have been guilty of. God’s Word will bring joy and contentment as we choose to pursue Him with all our hearts.

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  1. Hannah Gates

    Glad you found some ear buds…I think your west coast daughter might have snagged yours 😉

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