I have been home for a week  from my cross-country adventure. I boarded a red-eye flight Sunday night, arriving at JFK in New York the next morning. Three hour time change and almost five-hour flight=red-eye!! It took me most of last week to feel like I wasn’t still riding in an over-crowded sardine can and adjusting back to Eastern time after traveling through three-time zones. And the adjustment of having two adult children living way west of here has not been easy.

When we gave them all the gift of wandering, they took it and are now living the life they have dreamed of not looking over their shoulders to see if their parents approve.  As parents we never wanted to live our lives through our children or put our darlings at the center of everything we did. Rob and I wanted to make our home a God-centered, faith filled, fun place to grow up in, imparting to them our goal for our children and ourselves to love God, love His Word and love our neighbor without abandon. Have we done that perfectly? Have we always put God at the center? Absolutely not. With those things as our goal, we believe God is now honoring those goals in the midst of our weakness, frailties and mistakes. If you know me well, you know I have spent twenty eight years as a stay-at-home mom, pastor’s wife and whatever else has come my way. You know I have spent a lot of time over the years involved in whatever they were interested in and attending most of their activities. You know I love my husband and children without abandon, which makes it hard to let them go. But as two very wise women simply said as I’ve chatted with them about this trip; “You have to let them go”. And with the help of my Heavenly Father I have been able to, thanking Him that He has given me grace and peace to let them go on with their lives wherever He may lead them. And leading He is. I know God will be their guide, I trust Him with them. I am able to say I love my family deeply because I first love God.

There you have it…the end of what was a trip of a lifetime. Looking forward to the possibilities of what God has for me next.

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