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Thank You Firstborn

Written earlier this month. Today is Justin’s 27th birthday.

Today I am writing in response to Kara from Mundane Faithfulness. She began a series writing grace letters asking her blogging friends to join her. This weeks assignment is to write a letter of love and gratitude to someone from my past that has changed my tomorrows. Someone who has loved me well and taught me about life.

This post was not done yesterday because I have had trouble narrowing it down to one person. My first thought upon reading the assignment was of course my parents. I’ve known them the longest and definitely have taught me much love and grace. My dad continues to teach me, not from the grave, but in how he lived his life…serving others. I thought of my husband and children, lifelong friends, godly women placed in my life at just the right time and so many of our church communities that have taught me what real love looks like. To narrow it down to one has become a challenge.

MD 2

Dear Firstborn,

When we knew you were on your way almost twenty-seven years ago, I said to your father, ‘I hope it’s a boy, because I didn’t have an older brother, just two sisters. He said, well he won’t be your brother.’ He had me on that one. It was my dream for you to be a boy because I wanted our other children to have an older brother. When you came on the scene who knew it would be you that would teach so much about love, grace, patience and kindness?

We were up in the middle of the night together for many months, maybe it was a couple of years. During those nights of wishing I was sleeping you kept me company even if you were crying, teaching me to love even when it’s hard. Teaching me that the world did not revolve around a new mother. You would teach me to lean hard on my Savior as you entered your teen years when times were not so great between us. Patience, kindness and the promise these days would not last forever were lessons you taught me as you left for boot camp several days after high school graduation. Little did I know there was more to learn as you turned in your little blue saw you used as a pretend gun for a real weapon when joined the military and was called to serve your country in the Middle East. Your love for your country was contagious. That year was one of the hardest for your mom, whose love grew beyond words. There was only God to trust with your life. He proved enough and He was faithful to get me through the year you were thousands of miles away.

You have taught me faith and hope, but the greatest has been love. Thank you to my only son, and thank you for being the big brother to your three sisters.



Mundane Faithfulness








  1. chris

    wow, very well said and thought provoking! Loved it, such a great reminder of God’s blessings.

  2. Debbie

    Growing up I have often thought how nice it would be to have a brother, also. After all, God had given me a younger sister, and then after my parent’s divorce, my dad married a woman with 3 daughters. As God would have ordained, He gave Allen & I five wonderful sons!! And it always amazed me that the lessons I was trying to teach my sons, were the very same lessons God was teaching me. God is not done using my sons (daughters-in-love and grandchildren) to trust Him. Great blog, Jody!

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