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Not a Mere Acquaintance

Prayer is relationship involving communication with our Heavenly Father. Our relationship with him should not just be a mere acquaintance.~~Rob Gates

I often ask myself why is it that prayer can be a chore?   A duty to check off my to-do list everyday?

Over the years I’ve scribbled in a prayer journal where I keep my thanksgiving, worship, confessions and requests. This simple act of talking to my Father has kept me focused, enabling me to say what’s on my heart to a heavenly Father who already knows my inner most thoughts. I also love to walk and talk(pray) at the park where I’m sure those passing by wonder who I’m talking to!!

This past Sunday’s message was a reminder and encouragement that God does not want to be just mere acquaintances with his children. The Creator of the Universe who made me in his image wants a personal and deep abiding relationship with me. As I look back over many journals full of desperate pleadings of a wife and mother, not only has God answered many of those prayers, but the relationship I’ve looked to for other people to fill like my husband or close friend, has happened with my heavenly Father. I can’t imagine a day passing not talking to him. The deepening relationship has been forged in the fire of trials where I trusted him in the dark. Our great God is not the light at the end of a dark tunnel but he is the LIGHT in the tunnel with us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. Many of those dark nights seem to never end and darkness seems to have many different shades. Just when we think we may emerge from the valley, darkness seems to descend again.

No, this isn’t a cheery, merry Christmas blog post because darkness has come into the life of a fellow pastor’s wife whose husband was killed in a tragic car accident yesterday. Her husband is gone and a church has lost their beloved pastor. But because of the manger where our Lord was born and it is his birthday we are celebrating, she has hope, as well as anyone who puts their trust in Jesus. The hope of the manger is the hope of the cross where he bled, died and was raised on the third day. The hope that we will be with him someday. (1 Thessalonians 4:13)

It is a Merry Christmas, not because of cookies, parties, presents and family celebrations. It is a Merry Christmas because of the hope God gives to each and everyone who will put their trust in “God so loved the world…” (John 3:16-17) And it is this Great God I want to talk to everyday!!


  1. Terri

    I really am going to miss Kelvin. Dan said to me the other day that he was one of the few people who truly was humble and had other’s interests before his own. Thank you for your thoughts on prayer, Jody. I have kept a prayer journal since college. See! Another thing we have in common. 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Pastor Kelvin will be deeply missed. It is one of those times that sorrow & joy meet. Pastor Kelvin, in addition to his ministry with the Walton congregation, also worked at ACCO Brands (I am employed as well). He was well-liked among his peers and is remembered as one who always had a smile on his face. The community of Walton mourns with Penny.
    Are you & Rob planning on coming down to the service next week?
    Our prayers are with Penny.

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