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Encouragement for a Thursday morning to love God’s Word by reading, meditating and memorizing it. I came across reading recommendations for women and was greatly inspired by Nancy Leigh Demoss’ comments regarding Bible reading.

It is His Word that gives life, and far too many believers, even those in vocational ministry, are malnourished from want of sufficient intake of Scripture. If you don’t have time to read anything else, read this Book!  NL Demoss

If you have been reading for any length of time you know my Bible mantra…

I want to love God with all my heart, with all my mind and with all my soul and love my neighbor as myself.

I begin loving God by loving His Word, it is where I find true happiness regardless of any circumstances that arise in daily life. Psalm 119:1-2  are verses I have been meditating on. In fact I did a brief study several summers ago on Psalm 119 which you can read here. 

Tell me how do you love God apart from loving His Word? I for one love to read, you can see my reading registers here. But if I fill my mind only with Christian fiction, the magazines from the newstand, and daytime tv, then my longing for the Word of God will be watered down like ice melting in a summer time soda.

A disciple of Jesus will not look like the world. In fact he said be in the world but not of it. Day in and day out who do I want to be identified with? The world or Jesus? How do I learn how to be a disciple? How do I know God who wants to be my intimate friend?

Only through the Word of God will these questions be answered.

Yes, as women we find ourselves busy, busy, busy. But in every season whether single, married, children, no children, divorced, widowed, young and old, we need to be loving the Word of God. What do I love?

And the devil who prowls around like a lion seeking whom he may devour will prey on you if you take seriously your intake of God’s Word.  Remember Eve? she heard the snake say…’did God really say?’ That same snake will say to the  lover of Jesus and His Word…

 What’s the point of reading everyday? Did God really say come to come to me everyday say you may know Me? What’s the big deal about eating God’s Word like honey from the honeycomb? Do you really need to long for God as the deer longs for the waterbrook?

How will you answer the snake?

Here’s an answer…Beware: The Bible is About to Threaten Your Smartphone Focus


  1. Terri

    By the way, got my name in the wrong place on the comment which is why it’s showing up as says! lol


    Thanks for this, Jody. Been having a very rough few weeks and this was a good reminder to stay grounded in God’s word.

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