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Longing=Craving God’s Word

It was the summer of 2010 when I put my summer reading aside and began an in-depth study of Psalm 119. I studied to know God...love God more.  Out of that study came twenty or so devotions I wrote. 

Read Psalm 119:33-40

What does the Psalmist pray for in these verses? Do I sincerely believe all wisdom comes from God or do I add in the wisdom of Oprah or Ellen? Verses 33-35 Do I run to the advice of everyone else before I seek God and His wisdom.(Proverbs 1:7) Praying with the Psalmist...
  • Teach me the meaning of your Statutes
  • Fill me with Your Spirit so I will always keep Your Testimonies
  • Help me Lord to understand Your Instruction
  • O Lord, may I take pleasure in the path You have set before me, helping me to stay on the path
I cannot just stand still or sit in a pew hoping my heart will be inclined to God's testimonies. I have to be intentional in my love for God's Word.  

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