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What’s this, no Sanctity of Human Life posts? as I perused past January blog posts

Not a one. They have to be somewhere, because I’ve been pro-life since my senior year in high school when my English teacher gave me an unfair grade on my term paper because she disagreed with my findings on abortion.

None to be found, probably in a different category, but you deserve something fresh!!  🙂

I’m pro-life!! How’s that!!

Roe v. Wade is 41 years old and has seen better days as this Christianity Today article explains. It is lengthy, but well worth the time as we stand up to take the challenge of making murder of the unborn illegal.

Why we need to stop saying ‘As Long as It’s Healthy’. How about saying instead ‘as long as he or she gets here?’

Ok, so  I found a post that originally was written with the names changed. A shining example of sanctity of human life.

In honor of my sister-in-law Judy and my nephew Cody.

Joy,(ficticious name)Judy is my sister-in-law and the mother of Cody with Down’s Syndrome. You don’t see many children or adults around anymore with that particular disability because our culture decided they would be of no benefit to society…so they are aborted thanks to early detection with ultrasound to see if my baby will be perfect. A recent statistic is 90% of Down’s babies are aborted.

If it has a defect of ANY kind I can then decide I don’t want to deal with a disability my child may have and get rid of it. Can you tell I feel very strongly about this subject…I hate abortion.

If there was ever a mother I wanted to emulate it is Joy Judy. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with her as I would like, but nine years ago JoyJudy  and Cody and myself and Lauren spent several days together at Disneyland in California. Joy Judy never skipped a beat in her care and love for her son Charlie(fictious na Cody. She was the epitome of peace, patience, kindness, long-suffering…ALL the fruit of the Spirit and more. I know that without Christ she would not have the strength to care for her son, who is now a fun-loving teenager and ready to graduate from high school. She has sought out the best help, education, nutrition and care for Charlie Cody always making sure his needs are met. She is an example to me of what it truly means to die to self.

Joy Judy is an authentic and transparent friend and dear sister-in-law, who I am privileged to know and love. I never have to look far when I want to see what Jesus looks like.

One of my heroes.

I have been to a lot of funerals, hearing how wonderful the deceased person was. Hearing their service to Jesus, and their love of family and friends. I’ve often wondered why we wait until our loved ones are gone to express to them what they mean to us? I do not write this heroes series to elevate them, but to encourage them to press on in what they are doing and to say thank you for being an example to me and everyone else.


  1. Judy

    Thank you!!! We are blessed by your words and constant love!

  2. Tammy

    What a very nice tribute to your relative Jody. Such a great example of God’s love thank you for sharing.

    Tammy 🙂

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