For most of the trip I could count on Hannah to give me a smile whenever I wanted to take her picture. It takes a lot to get Hannah riled. We had been warned by her dad and grandma coming down from Flagstaff, AZ at 7000′ the road would twist and turn and in some places would be straight down. How bad could it be? I thought. I had been to the area in years past, but I had forgotten.


unnamed (35)

unnamed (34)This look says it all as we descended the mountain…in the rain…in a Honda Civic.

There wasn’t much talking while truckers rode the bumper of the sardine can on wheels, cars going 90 mph flying down the mountain, trying to navigate rain slicked roads. Since I’m here writing this post you know we made it to my mother-in-law’s home in one piece. Hannah did say if she had to go back to Flagstaff she would be flying.

The rain stopped and the sun came out. I spent four more days with a daughter I had traveled close to three thousand miles with. I wish I could have this type of trip with all my kids. I still can’t believe I almost didn’t make the trip. Words fall flat in this space when I attempt to express what Justin, Hannah, Kelsey and Lauren mean to me…and Rob of course.

We enjoyed Octoberfest with family.

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Also a couple of days with Rob’s brother Rich, wife Judy and their son Cody. Sad to say I didn’t get a picture of Rich.

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Cody melted my heart when he laughed, created masks with Hannah and gathered everyone together before we left to lead us in prayer. What a sincere, unhindered talk He had with our Heavenly Father. Oh to be more like this boy who brought me to tears of joy and happiness.

Contentment has not been attained in owning things, or having a lot of money in the bank. Joy has not been gained in having my home in order or fancy meals on the table. Happiness has not been realized in setting my heart on the things of this earth. Joy, contentment and happiness are mine in abundance because I first set my heart on loving God and His Word(Psalm 119:1) even in the midst of pain, discomfort, sadness or death of a loved one. The blessings of family and friends, of coffee with those dear to me, of a church family or whatever He has chosen to give me are just that, blessings that make my life rich. Yes, I am rich.


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