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I Am Rich

downloadWhat else is there to do on a February winter night than watch the Olympics, read and eat dark chocolate covered espresso coffee beans? These appeared along with a birthday card in a gift bag in the church pew I was sitting in yesterday. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to rip open the bag and chomp on coffee beans while the preacher gave an outstanding message on treasure. 

Carolyn is not on FB but is a faithful reader here, so I wanted to thank her for probably keeping me up tonight by indulging in these before bed.

Over the years, as a ministry wife, I have struggled with lonliness, feeling like I don’t fit in and building lasting friendships. Part of the struggle has been loving and then leaving. My Great heavenly Father has taught me to love much, but to love Him ultimately. He has also shown me how rich I am in the friends He has given me over the years and to see this aspect of ministry as a plus not a negative.

I am reminded many times during the year just how much He does love me, but my birthday is always a fabulous day of His gift to me in the form of my friendships with His daughters, my sisters in Christ and their love for me. Their expressions came in countless ways, each and every text, FB greeting, cards and gifts and meals out that day resulting in me not having to cook at all(which is a great gift too) were a reminder that I am not alone, I do belong to the greatest community of believers in the northeast and I am rich in friends and family.

I am laying up treasure in heaven by loving as Jesus loves. Loving God and then my neighbor is how I want to spend the coming year and all the years God has planned for me.

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  1. Terri

    Chocolate covered, expresso beans and you slept???? They sound awesome, by the way! lol I’m glad your day was blessed and you are a blessing to me, my friend! 🙂

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