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A new year has breezed in with sub-zero temps, though not for long, is my hope, my mom cave is a bit chilly cold this afternoon.  2013 is one for the history books and Pastor Rob’s message for our new year was excellent. You can listen to it here, First of The Year Hope from The Last Book of the Bible. It was an encouragement to be reminded God has already gone before us in the new year, He’s already there for whatever we may experience in the coming days.

I began a Bible reading plan with You Version. I have no reason or excuse to read God’s Word on a daily basis as this particular App can be used on many different platforms. It is available on my computer and my phone. I enjoy reading through the Bible so I picked a plan that has me reading from four areas of the Bible. January began with Genesis, Matthew, Ezra and Acts. I’m very familiar with three of the four, but who knew God would speak to me today in Ezra? Well…God knew!!

After all these years of reading, studying and longing for God to speak to me…

HE STILL DOES. To think He loves me so much to speak to me day in and day out in His Word.

Now Ezra had determined in his heart to study the law of the Lord, obey it, and teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel. Ezra 7:10

I’m sure I’ve read Ezra before, but today the message was loud and clear. Even as I’m writing this post, I can see God is encouraging me to press on in what He has already called me to do. To teach women His Word and lead them in loving Him and the Message He has already given us.

Ezra not only studied and practiced what was in the Law of the Lord, he determined in his heart to study, obey and teach. There was no wishful thinking or the breaking of a New Year’s resolution. He was firm, stable, established and settled in his heart. He was intentional, he sought with care. (help from Blue Letter Bible)

Many opportunities exist at LAC to know and learn the Word of God. Two women’s Bible studies and two women’s Sunday School classes meet every week to fellowship around the Living Word which speaks to us every single day. Won’t you join us?

What will you be purposeful and resolute for 2014?

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  1. Debbie

    The past couple of years I have been led to determine in my heart to follow Christ. I have spent time studying different words that had grabbed my heart & mind, like desire, determine, know, or establish. These words and others have made an impact on the goals/aims I have set for myself in January. Last year I determined to know five areas in my life, based on what God was showing me. Each one of these areas were places I had tried to have success, but, did not. As I look back, I see where these words that I studied had a direct impact on the 5 areas. And now looking forward, I have determined again to seek God and how He wants to use His Word to determine the course ahead for 2014.
    Jody, you are correct in directing us toward His Word and how we can resolutely follow His perfect leading.

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