I left off yesterday heading to the kitchen to make real food for my family after Lauren and Rob had to fend for themselves for almost two weeks, reminding me why I finally decided to make the trip with Hannah.

Over almost twenty-nine years of marriage Rob and I have spent time apart. Early in our marriage he was a district youth director which took him to youth camp in the summer and Colorado in the winter to take kids skiing. I stayed home with two babies. He also made trips with friends or colleagues to annual church meetings in different states and in the past few years he has attended Together For The Gospel, which we both would highly recommend. Not until my dad passed away in 2008 did I start spending more time in Iowa with my mom.  As I wrote that sentence I paused to wonder why I waited to go visit them, probably teenagers in the house had something to do with it!! I have been thrilled to spend time with family and friends over these past 6 1/2 years because I was encouraged to do so by Rob. And that is precisely how this trip with Hannah began. “You should go” was all he had to say, and I did. Mutual encouragement between spouses will grow and strengthen marriages. His encouragement over the years to do and be what God has put in front of me has only made me love him more.

Back to the road…

After a picture with Dorothy and coffee at a local cafe’ we were on the road again, on our way to Albuquerque for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, drawing over thousands of people to watch 500+ balloons fill the early morning sky. Not long into our day we came upon the blip of a town, Hooker, Oklahoma. I think these pictures will be self-explanatory!! Check back tomorrow to see if we made it to New Mexico!! And no, we didn’t stop in Hooker, OK!!! unnamed (6)


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