1157417_10152284035990041_904736220_nIn honor of my brother-in-law Rich, sister-in-law Judy and my nephew Cody.

Rich is Rob’s brother, Judy is our sister-in-law and the parents of Cody with Down’s Syndrome.

If there were ever a parents I wanted to emulate it is Rich & Judy. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with them as I would like, but many years ago  our families, along with Rob’s parents and sister and her family spent several days together at Disneyland in California. Lauren was almost 3 and Cody was 6 or 7. Judy and I spent most of our time together on the kiddie rides. What impressed me most was Judy never skipped a beat in her care and love for her Cody. She was the epitome of peace, patience, kindness, long-suffering…ALL the fruit of the Spirit and more. It was evident that day and she continues to be the mother Cody needs. I know Rich is a great father too, we just don’t get to see firsthand the interaction because we live on opposites sides of the US. Arizona looks pretty inviting after the winter we’ve had in NY.  They have sought out the best help, education, nutrition and care for Cody always making sure his needs are met.  God knew what He was doing when He gave Cody his parents.


1486646_10153575829605104_810721909_nWe love you Cody!!