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Well reading friends, at least I hope you’re still reading, I am re-posting from last year because I am presently waiting to be inspired these past couple of weeks. I do have a post simmering on the back burner, trying to work up the courage to write and post it. I haven’t gone anywhere, I’m just not very ambitious this summer to write. Check back for the simmering of these days. The following is a post from a year ago. 

Danger, danger Will Robinson(corrected per Rob Gates comment from last year)

says the robot on Lost In Space. A show that was popular in another life time, least it seems like it.  Did the robot have a name? Anyway, Will was the young boy who was always out on an adventure with his robot friend and whenever there was danger, the robot alerted Will…danger, danger! I always wanted them to make it back to earth along with everyone on Gilligan’s Island rescued. My young mind didn’t understand the show would be over if those things happened.


Yesterday, my favorite walking spot was partially closed. Did I see the orange cones? Yes. Did I go around them? Yes. As I continued to walk a friendly walker asked me if I had gone over the bridge. Yes, I said as she continued to inform me the bridge was dangerous and should not be walked on. I was wondering if she was going to call the park police on me! She said she walked on the road to go around the bridge and I got the hint I should do the same.

photo (16)I did not move the cones, that was done by a runner who did not want to be disturbed by having to ‘go around’.

From a distance the bridge looks great. It doesn’t look dangerous and from all appearances looks stable. Why is it when the sign says “DO NOT WALK ON THE GRASS, that is the first thing we want to do? In this case go around harmless cones that were put there for my safety. And that the dept. of transportation that put them there knows best?

photo (15)I snapped this picture as I was ending my exercise and watching the runner move the cones. Didn’t take his picture, he may have called the park police…ha, Stafford Park does not have any police, just pesky geese that hiss and honk at you as you go by.

As I thought about the foundation of this bridge, the unseen dangers that lurk beneath, I thought of the foundation we all need to build our lives on. I was reminded that God has given us laws and His Word to follow for a reason, a foundation to make us safe, to prepare us for dangers that may be ahead or the fire that will surely come or the waters that will undoubtedly rise. I think it is easy to live our lives going around the orange cones believing there’s no danger here.

  • Do I gossip because it doesn’t really hurt anyone?
  • Do I tell that little(or big) white lie because no one knows the truth but me?
  • Do I leave God out of everything believing I can “do this myself”?
  • Do I go my merry way every single day, not giving much thought to loving God and my neighbor?
  • Do I say unkind words to my spouse because “I feel like it”, not realizing the erosion of a marriage is taking place?
  • Am I inpatient, unkind, not pure or truthful because “it’s my life” and I will live like I want?

Or am I building my life upon the foundation of God’s Word? Oh yes, dangers may arise, fires may burn and the waters may want to overtake us. (Isaiah 43:2) But building our foundation on what God says is a much better plan than walking on the grass or walking around orange cones.

The only way to avert the danger of sin ruling our lives.


  1. Terri

    LOL!!!! Love Rob’s comment. This was a wonderful post, Jody. Great reminders that the little things add up to one big danger!

  2. Debbie

    I was going to leave a message about how true God’s Word is and how often I do not follow what God says, BUT, Rob— this is for you… thanks for the smile! It is not often we hear from you on Jody’s blog.

  3. Rob Gates

    Will ROBINSON, not Will ROGERS 🙂 I still love you Jody GUTS, I mean Jody GATES 🙂

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