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Thanks to a book and a sermon I have been knee deep in what it means to follow Jesus. defines follow this way

to accept as a guide or leader; accept the authority of or give allegiance to orto go or come after a person or thing in motion.

Do I want to walk the same road with Christ?

In the book Follow Me by David Platt, the question of what it really means to follow Jesus is answered. I first read this book when it came to the house meant for someone else. Since he(Rob) didn’t pick it up right away, I read it through in a few days. I was then told, in a nice way of course, I had to get my own copy, so I did and read it for a second time. This book is not for the faint of heart, because following Jesus, according to Scripture is a call to die and a call to live.

Platt uses the illustration of adoption as he and his wife sought to have children and found themselves, after many years of trying, unable to have biological children. So they took the initiative to adopt…just as God takes the initiative to adopt us as His children. Sinners, people who are dead in their trespasses and sins, do not seek after God. No one is seeking after Him.(Romans 3:10-18) They did adopt, then found out they were pregnant.

When we realize that Jesus is the one who takes the initiative and invites us to follow him, everything changes—on multiple levels. Platt

Do we realize the weight of the one who has invited us to follow him? He is worthy of more than church attendance and casual association; he is worthy of total abandonment and supreme adoration. Platt

Being a disciple involves emotional affection for Christ. Platt

God has hardwired us with desires for water, food, friends, meaning and purpose, and each of these cravings is intended to drive us to God as the giver of all good gifts and the SOLE source of all satisfaction. Platt

Once I was done with this book, it looked like yellow paint had been dropped on it. Most of the book is highlighted.

A few notes from my favorite pastor’s recent message, Church: Where Disciples Are Made

If I’m a Christian I am a disciple where

  • God’s Word is a part of my life on a continual basis. God’s Word is at home in my heart.
  • I am characterized by love, loving as Jesus loves. (Matthew 20:25) Do I serve or want to be served?
  • I bear the fruit of the Spirit. Life in Christ produces fruit.

A lot to think about as I follow Jesus, taking the road to the cross.