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It was the summer of 2010 when I put my summer reading aside and began an in-depth study of Psalm 119. I studied to know God...love God more.  Out of that study came twenty or so devotions I wrote. 

Psalm 119:9-16

The intentional intake of God's Word requires discipline, how I hate the "D" word sometimes. A million years ago, well, maybe not that many, I was the young mother of three children five and under. When did I have time to deliberately read and study God's Word? In the midst of kids, work at home our outside the home, and endless activities how do I find time to make God's Word my treasure? Treasure= wealth or riches stored or accumulated, or valuable things; any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized; to retain carefully or keep in store, as in the mind; to regard or treat as precious; cherish.(www.dictionary.com) Different seasons of life will look different in how we get into God's Word, but do I treasure it? And how can I treasure His law as precious and something to treasure? May I suggest we
  • Read God's Word before we pick up the daily newspaper, check email or find what others are saying on FB before I meditate on what God has said.
  • Use smartphones, Ipads, Kindles and Nooks to listen to God's Word while getting ready for the day, falling asleep at night or my favorite activity...ironing.
  • Before we head to FB or Pinterest, read the Bible on your computer or keep your Bible close to your computer, reading it first.
  • Read before picking up your favorite novel or other types of reading.
How do you spend time with God? Can I pray with Psalmist? Lord I want to seek you with all my heart(v.10), may I treasure your Word so I will not sin against You. Lord, help me to rejoice, meditate and delight in your Statutes.  

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